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We Tried The Most Pinned Food Hacks Of All Time And Here's What Happened


Let's just all agree that Pinterest is a GREAT place to find all kinds of ~crazy~ hacks, yes?

So, with the help of Pinterest, we found out what the top-pinned food hacks were and decided to give them a try so you don't have to. And here's what happened:

This hack is pretty simple.

According to the Somewhat Simple website that the pin links to, separating and wrapping individual bananas in cling wrap will "slow the ripening process and keep your bananas fresh for 3-4 days longer."

So we took two bananas from the same bunch, wrapped the end of one in cling wrap, and let them sit for a few days.

Here are the results:

The "Fresh Egg" Hack:

This hack was more of a test, but still simple.

This particular pin from Cookbook People states that an old egg will point down and try to float, while a very fresh egg will lie flat on the bottom of a bowl of water.

So we took a three-week-old egg and a super fresh egg and tried the hack.

Here is the result:

The "Butter Softening" Hack:

This hack is also ingeniously simple.

According to Budget 101, you warm up a glass with very hot water, pour the hot water out, then cover the stick of butter with the warm glass to make it not as difficult to spread. So we tried it out!

Here is the result:

The "Grilled Cheese in Your Toaster" Hack:

This viral pin from Wonder How To wanted the user to buy the toaster bag.

But we figured we could similarly hack a grilled cheese by making this same type of bag out of parchment paper.

Take a long sheet of parchment paper, then fold it in half. Then you'll fold both sides and the bottom, leaving the top open. Then just slide your uncooked sammie into the toaster on a low setting and keep an eye on it.

Here is the result:

And when we took it out...

What's your favorite food hack?