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    18 Watermelon Products You Never Knew You Needed Until Today

    They're simply juicy.

    1. This handy bag that lets you carry a watermelon everywhere you go:

    Modcloth / Via

    ModCloth, $39

    2. These trendy leggings that are simply ~juicy~:

    KOMAWO / Via

    Etsy, $19

    3. This cute fanny pack that helps you store all your watermelon needs:

    Forever 21 / Via

    Forever 21, $34

    4. These dishes that allow you to eat out of a watermelon every single day:

    vegetabowls / Via

    Etsy, $26

    5. These shorts that are basically perfect for Coachella:

    NeoVintageApparel / Via

    Etsy, $25

    6. But don't forget to pair it with this beautiful crocheted top:

    CrochetedGracefully / Via

    Etsy, $21

    7. This incredible adorable phone case that shows off your watermelon spirit:

    clicker64 / Via

    Etsy, $15

    8. And don't forget this patch that shows off your true melon pride:

    MokuyobiThreads / Via

    Etsy, $6

    9. This devilishly clever napkin holder that is also a masterful centerpiece:

    Modcloth / Via

    ModCloth, $12

    10. This plush throw pillow that will help you dream of eating only the juiciest melons:

    DearVioletShop / Via

    Etsy, $32

    11. This useful tote that is big enough to carry many melons:

    Forever 21 / Via

    Forever 21, $2.90

    12. These itty-bitty earrings that are actually too cute for words:

    HandcraftLab / Via

    Etsy, $7.25

    13. This fabulous scarf that adds a bold statement to literally any outfit:

    Modcloth / Via

    ModCloth, $14

    14. This cozy rug that lets you curl up on a melon in front of a warm fireplace:

    Etsy / Via

    Etsy, $79

    15. This melon lapel pin that is the perfect accessory to any outfit:

    TropicalBoy / Via

    Etsy, $15

    16. This rockin' statement necklace that is super ~seedy~:

    ILoveCrafty / Via

    Etsy, $31

    17. This bold patterned shirt that screams melonmania:

    BangTidyClothing / Via

    Etsy, $20

    18. And finally, this incredible rain poncho that goes with literally everything:

    Ilovenonameshop / Via

    Etsy, $25

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