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    An Unknown Singer-Songwriter's Song Blew Up On TikTok, Now She's #2 On The Music Charts

    Mothica uploaded a clip of her newest single to TikTok and gained millions of views.

    This is Mothica, a singer-songwriter from Oklahoma whose current single blew all the way up by the power of TikTok.

    Here's how it happened: On June 22, Mothica filmed a short TikTok of herself listening to the masters of her new album and featured her song "VICES." Though the video is only a few seconds long, TikTokers connected with the catchy pop single. To date, the clip has 3.7 million views.


    listening to masters of my album... this ones about getting addicted to anything. cc: @itsevahoney ##recovery ##sobriety ##addiction ##originalsong

    ♬ Vices by Mothica but crying in my car - mothicamusic

    "I’ve been releasing music as Mothica for six years, but I made a TikTok to pass the time in quarantine," Mothica told BuzzFeed. After the clip went viral and gathered attention from internet stars like David Dobrik, she was encouraged to release the full single earlier than she anticipated.

    When asked about her reaction to the song's virality, Mothica said it came as a complete shock. "I rushed to get the song out. It didn’t have artwork or anything picked out yet," she explained. "Everyone has been so supportive, and I feel nervous about all the attention but really, really grateful."

    Then things got even more surreal. Mothica reached the top 10 on the Billboard music charts. "In four days, it reached 1 million plays on Spotify and went to No. 2 on iTunes Pop!" Mothica said. "I’ve heard from hundreds of people that said they relate to the song because of their experience with addiction or for other personal reasons. I feel so close to everyone who is finding solace in this song."

    When asked how she felt about this entire journey, Mothica said, "The biggest thing I’m taking from this is how powerful independent musicians are. Things really started happening for me when I took full control of shooting, editing, creating artwork, and doing everything myself for my project. You don’t need PR, a manager, label, or anything to make something that really resonates. Don’t give up."

    A truly wild and inspiring success story! You can listen to the entire song "VICES" on Spotify!