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    26 Halloween Costumes That Actually Feel Fresh And Unique

    Get ready to win that costume contest.

    1. This relatable work-from-home fit:

    2. This creative charcuterie board:

    3. This cute Olivia Rodrigo costume:

    4. This adorable mochi donut costume:

    5. This iconic Bernie costume:

    6. This iconic apple:

    7. This perfect Queen's Gambit fit:

    8. This fun '90s Tamagotchi costume:

    9. This hilarious naked Sim costume:

    10. This creative Clorox wipes costume:

    11. These super-detailed snow globe costumes:

    12. This shiny mirrorball costume:

    13. This LOL-worthy "This is fine" meme dog costume:

    14. This detailed safe sex dispenser:

    15. This on-point Squid Game costume:

    16. This delicious couple's costume:

    17. This outstanding box of chocolates:

    18. This crafty "bun in the oven" couples costume:

    19. This clever Dippin' Dots costume:

    20. This unique Oscar the Grouch costume:

    21. This perfect Mean Girls costume:

    22. This unique Tide Pod/washer costume:

    23. This intriguing Mike Wazowski costume:

    24. This homemade Dunkin' Donuts costume:

    25. This crafty Pacman group costume:

    26. And finally, this entire squad's getup: