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    I Made Kylie Jenner's Honey Avocado Toast And Here's My Honest Opinion

    I was curious, so I tried it!

    Kylie Jenner needs no introduction. She created a cosmetic empire and is mother to the one and only Stormi.

    This past weekend, Kylie uploaded an Instagram story where she shared her favorite way to make avocado toast, and a lot of people were like, "UM, honey???"

    As someone who used to put honey on her chicken nuggets and french fries as a child (IT'S GOOD), I had a pretty open mind about this addition to avocado toast. So naturally, I tried it for myself!

    I started by gathering all of the ingredients Kylie used. While the sourdough was toasting, I mashed my avocado — as you do.

    I whipped up the avocado toast and then added the odd-one-out ingredient: honey. I did this to only half of the toast, just in case it didn't live up to my expectations.

    Here was my honest reaction to the first bite:

    The verdict? It was okay. I didn't really enjoy the consistency of the avocado with the sweetness of the honey. It wasn't the worst thing I ever tasted, but I wouldn't try it again. But you know what? I'm glad I did! You do you, Kylie.

    Avocado toast with honey and without honey

    Have you tried avocado toast with honey? Would you try it? Let me know in the comments!