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    28 Times Tumblr Hilariously Dragged The Crap Out Of Disney Movies

    "How many innocent cats have been lifted in the air because of The Lion King?"

    1. When poor Elsa couldn't catch a break:

    2. When they had thoughts about Disney on Ice:

    3. When they found the magic formula when it comes to titles:

    4. When this good point was brought up:

    5. When they pretty much nailed history:

    6. When they took a deep dive into Moana's name:

    7. When they seemingly gave up on their sequels:

    8. When Frozen 2 took a turn:

    9. When they were pretty realistic:

    10. When they had some thoughts at the end of Beauty and the Beast:

    11. When a new ship was born:

    12. When they made a good point about these love interests:

    13. When they pointed out Ariel's mistake:

    14. When they saw an interesting pattern:

    15. When they took Woody to the next level:

    16. When they imagined the writers room at Disney:

    17. When they remembered history:

    18. When they brought up this valid point:

    19. When they figured out what Kovu ~really~ meant:

    20. When they discovered how your childhood ended:

    21. When someone tried to disprove this original statement:

    22. When they caught John in the act:

    23. When they discovered something important was missing:

    24. When they were pretty accurate about this pitch:

    25. When they were quick to point this out:

    26. When they made this hilarious comment about Ursula's magic:

    27. When they decided to give us all nightmares:

    28. And finally, when they had questions about Cinderella's shoe: