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    17 Times Samira Wiley Proved She Ruled Instagram

    QUEEN, I tell you.

    1. When she absolutely killed us with her classic Hollywood vibes.

    2. When she posted the perfect pool photo complete with SO MANY RAINBOWS.

    3. When she looked adorable as hell posing with her dinner.

    4. When she rocked her jaw-dropping look for The Handmaid's Tale red carpet.

    5. When she posted an engagement photo so pure and beautiful that you couldn't help but smile.

    6. When she showed off her rad aesthetic in black and white.

    7. When she proved she was more talented than us all after flawlessly jamming out on a hoverboard.

    8. When she was incredibly excited to have an entire row on a flight to herself.

    9. When she posted the cutest picture with her dog.

    10. When she showed the world she could rock the hell out of a good derby hat.

    11. When her and Lauren Morelli had a quick jam session in the car and were too cute for words.

    12. When she showed off her killer angles and made us all insanely jealous of her awesome sunglasses collection.

    13. When she was simply Instagrammable AF.

    14. When she had the most GORGEOUS pictures on her wedding day.

    15. And basically when she made the world envious of her marriage goals.

    16. When she took the most ON POINT mirror selfies.

    17. And finally, when she was simply and unapologetically HER.

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