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    21 Men On Dating Apps Who Were Ridiculously Exhausting

    "Waddup I like how shiny your forehead is."

    We asked BuzzFeed Community to share the most ridiculous thing they'd ever been sent on a dating app, and here are some truly interesting messages.

    1. This guy who thought this line was clever:

    2. This guy who thought of a brand new innuendo:

    3. This guy who decided to be honest:

    4. This guy who had one hell of an opener:

    5. This guy who had a very important question:

    6. This guy who put a lot of thought into the future:

    7. This guy who got right to the point:

    8. This guy who was able to transition from physical therapy to blow jobs:

    9. This guy's "autocorrect":

    10. This guy who thought this line would work:

    11. This guy who put it all out there:

    12. Just...this guy:

    13. This guy who could not let it go:

    14. This guy who got called out:

    15. This guy who made a not-so-smooth segue way:

    16. This guy who cut to the chase:

    17. This guy who decided it was honesty hour:

    18. This guy who inserted his opinion:

    19. This guy who had quite a line:

    20. This guy who didn't exactly know what a compliment was:

    21. And finally, this guy, who truly knows his way to a girl's heart:

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