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This Woman's Tea Recipe Has The Whole Internet Slightly Enraged

I mean...can we even call this tea?

We can all agree that the beverages pictured below are tea, correct?

Shisheng Ling / Getty Images, Galina2012 / Getty Images

Well, the internet is up in arms over the way this woman on TikTok makes her tea. To be fair, being from Texas, I grew up with instant iced tea mix. But the longer I watched this TikTok, the more...uh...confused I became:


Hot tea “this American girl” likes 😊 ##americanintheuk ##fyp @nichole.caroline

♬ original sound - jchelle36

I just...


Let me break this down for you. She not only uses Tang in her tea recipe, but an extra TWO CUPS of sugar. Because....there's not enough sugar already in the iced tea mix and the Tang?????

HEB / BuzzFeed

My teeth are aching just thinking of this. Also, @jchelle36 has not, as of yet, responded to the...curiosity about her tea recipe.

To finish it off, she microwaves a mug of water and drinks this beverage hot. Naturally, people had QUITE A FEW opinions about this:

@onmy9thlife Sugar, sugar, more sugar, flavored sugar, differently flavored Sugar, a waste of cinnamon, a waste of cloves

@onmy9thlife That’s not tea in any sense. It’s some kind of flavoured sugar solution.

@onmy9thlife How very dare she call that chemical sludge “tea”?

  1. So, please tell me. Is this an acceptable form of tea?

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So, please tell me. Is this an acceptable form of tea?
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    Sure. There is tea in it, isn't there?
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    Oh hell no.