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Here's What Grocery Stores Across The United States Currently Look Like During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Wash your hands!

As the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has spread across the US, people have flocked to grocery stores to stock up on necessities since staying home has been highly recommended. (FYI: Here's what you should know if you're considering putting together a coronavirus preparedness kit.) This is what some grocery stores across the United States currently look like:

1. This grocery store in California:

2. Here's another from California — in Los Angeles:

3. Here's a look at a store in Michigan:

I can't decide which is worse: Working at the grocery store during Christmas or working at the grocery store during this corona virus thing. We are totally out of toilet paper.

4. And here's a look at a store in Ohio:

5. Here's a look at a note posted in a grocery store in New York:

My grocery store not with the bullshit 😭

6. And here's a look at the cleaning aisle in a store in Washington, DC:

I went to the grocery store for produce and saw diarrhea a symptom of corona? #coronapanic

7. Here's another grocery store in DC:

8. And here's another one in Los Angeles:

i went to the grocery store with my mom and alllll the TP was gone. but tissues? the thing sick people are told to cough or sneeze into? fully stocked.

9. Here's the bath aisle in a grocery store in Phoenix:

@FloridaAtheist Yeah, this was my grocery store night before last. I went to two more stores and finally found some. Couldn’t afford to stock up since I only had eight bucks. 😕

10. This store in Connecticut has some Lysol wipes left:

11. Here's what one Los Angeles Trader Joe's looks like:

Okay I went to Trader Joe’s and now I’m panicking

12. But don't panic too much. Other grocery stores across the country are pretty well-stocked. Even though this one is out of TP, it still has plenty of food:

@limbaugh I'm a professional shopper that's what I do for a living. I took this picture in a local grocery store to show how ridiculous this panic is. There's plenty of food and water...but no toliet paper. Apparently toliet paper is the key to defeating the Corona virsus.

13. This store in Iowa has plenty of toilet paper, though:

Look at all this TP at my local grocery store! In some parts of the country, and the world, this shit is worth more than gold apparently! #COVID19

14. Although the markup of these disinfectant sprays is wild, they are still in stock at this store:

Spotted at my grocery store in Astoria, Queens. Regular price: $5.49, today: $19.99. Cool cool cool #coronavirus

15. And this store in Chicago is also well-stocked:

Live look at my neighborhood grocery store.

Remember to wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze — and stay safe out there!


A tweet was removed from this post as the grocery store pictured was not actually in the United States!