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    18 Moments You'll Recognize If You Wash Your Hair A Ton Or Almost Never

    Dry shampoo is your best friend.

    1. Your go-to unwashed day look and washed day look are vastly different.

    2. You have to set aside your laziness and schedule extra time when you have plans that MIGHT involve pictures.

    3. And you're nearly unrecognizable when you make the effort to do it.

    4. Dry shampoo was basically made for your level of laziness.

    5. You've had to really step up your updo game to hide the fact that you haven't touched shampoo once this week.

    6. You know you can rock both extremely well, but you have a little more swagger on your wash days.

    7. You've taken advantage of Snapchat filters to hide your dirty hair from the rest of the world.

    8. And you have a big collection of hats especially for those lazy hair days.

    9. You've gone to the extreme to provide excuses for not washing.

    10. But when you DO put effort into washing, you know you look way too fabulous to stay in.

    11. In fact, you're a sucker for A+ hair products because when you wash your hair, it better look AMAZING.

    12. You truly do get by with a little help from your friends.

    13. Sure your arms get tired from all the maintenance, but you know it's well worth it.

    14. Your friends don't quite understand that when you wash, you almost always HAVE to dry.

    15. Because after you do, your selfie game is NEXT LEVEL.

    16. And you feel like each strand of hair was gently caressed by sweet baby angels.

    17. Maintaining washed hair takes time, so you know you're probably going to be late if it's a wash day.

    18. But in the end it's all good, because you have no trouble ~werking~ both styles.

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