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14 Things Everyone With Small Boobs Can Definitely Relate To

"Itty Bitty Tit"— NO.

1. You get overly excited when you find the bra of your dreams.

2. You've considered trying makeup hacks to make those babies POP.

3. You try to not compare yourself to your well-endowed friends.

4. And if boob exercises did exist, you'd be ALL. OVER. THAT.

5. You've definitely felt the strapless dress struggle.

#SmallBoobProblems #TrueDat "@BuzzFeedUK:23 struggles all flat-chested ladies know to be true "

6. And while you ~may~ not have cleavage as a storage option, you still find roundabout ways to get creative.

7. You have a love-hate relationship with sports bras.

8. And while some of your friends have melons, you've always been stuck being labeled with the small fruit.

9. You sometimes wish your love for food would just even out in all the right places.

10. You are overly familiar with hand-me-downs and hope to someday pass that same torch.

11. And you've had to learn the hard way that there are some styles you simply cannot fill.

12. You've heard the words "Itty Bitty Titty Committee" more times than you can count.

13. And while ~sometimes~ you miss out on the little things...

14. totally rock the shit out of your fabulous pair because they're FLY AS HELL.

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