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    Here's Everything Adults Get Wrong About Today's Teens, According To Actual Teens

    "Adults think we can’t experience love and that our relationships are fake. Your age does not dictate your ability to feel."

    We asked the teens of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what adults are constantly getting wrong about them. And — oh boy — here are some of the most popular replies:

    1. "Teens are always on their phones! They're so disconnected from people!"

    2. "Teens are too young to know what real love is."

    3. "Don't worry — it's just a phase."

    4. "All teens think about is sex."

    5. "Teenagers are soooo moody because of hormones!"

    6. "Man, social media has really ruined the younger generation! They're on it ALL the time."

    7. "Teens don't understand what 'problems' actually are!"

    8. "Fan culture is so weird! Why are you so obsessed with a music group?"

    9. "Teens really don't understand anything about the real world."

    10. "Teens don't know what ANYTHING from the '90s is! It's so cute they're just now discovering it, hehe."

    11. "God, every teenager these days has some 'mental illness' issue!"

    12. "What do teens have to be stressed about, anyway? They don't have bills to pay!"

    13. "Teens are sooo lazy."

    14. "Teens might as well speak another language, with all their abbreviations!"

    15. "Teens don't really care about anything."

    16. "They have no idea what good music is! It was wayyyy before their time."

    17. "Teens don't know anything about politics! How could they? They're too young to understand."

    18. "Man, teens are sooo self-obsessed!"

    19. "The younger generation is always doing stupid things — just look at what they post on the internet!"

    20. "Kids are sooo sensitive. Jeez, take a joke!"

    21. "It's so dangerous when teens take to strangers on the internet. Don't they know better?"

    22. "Teens can't have someone who's just a friend when it's the opposite sex. There HAS to be chemistry there!"

    23. "Kids these days are so mouthy! That backtalk is unacceptable!"

    24. "Psh, they're tired? They're not the ones who worked all day!"

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    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.