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    21 Vegan Places In Los Angeles That'll Make You Want Seconds

    No dairy? No problem.

    1. Gracias Madre

    2. SunCafe Organic Cuisine

    3. Fala Bar

    4. Donut Friend

    5. Cruzer Pizza

    6. Araya’s Place

    7. My Vegan Gold

    8. Flore Vegan Cuisine

    9. Stuff I Eat

    10. Scoops

    11. Native Foods Café

    12. Crossroads Kitchen

    13. Vegan House

    14. Shojin Japanese Vegan Cuisine

    15. The Vegan Joint

    16. The Gadarene Swine

    17. Café Gratitude

    18. Sage Organic Vegan Bistro

    19. Real Food Daily

    20. Azla Vegan Ethiopian

    21. The Grain Cafe

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