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    Aug 1, 2015

    17 Very Real Struggles For People Who Have Sensitive Skin

    Get your Bath & Body Works away from me.

    1. You know the true terrors of walking barefoot through grass.

    John Lund / Getty Images / Via

    An INCREDIBLY itchy mistake.

    2. Wearing clothes that weren't washed in non-hypoallergenic detergent feels like you're covered in a fiery blanket of hell.

    3. Your skin outright rejects the nectary goodness that is Bath & Body Works.

    Flickr: jeepersmedia / Via Creative Commons

    4. Falling asleep with makeup on is NEVER an option unless you want to wake up looking like Jabba the Hutt.

    Comedy Central / Via

    5. Trying new products is like playing skincare Russian Roulette.

    Flickr: angryjuliemonday / Via Creative Commons

    Will this make my eyes puffy? Will it give me a rash? Will it make me break out?

    6. And if you do buy new products, it takes AGES for you to read all the ingredients.


    7. You can't spray perfume or cologne onto your skin without looking like you walked directly into poison ivy.

    Columbia Pictures

    8. You have to lather up on sunscreen like nobody's business.

    DreamWorks Pictures / Via

    Even if you won't be outside for very long.

    9. You're forced to spend more money on accessories because you skin doesn't love cheap, trendy jewelry as much as you do.

    10. Even the clear nail polish hack has failed you.

    Flickr: dno1967b / Via Creative Commons

    Because putting that shit on all your cheap earrings STILL caused an allergic reaction.

    11. Wearing anything wool is an ENORMOUS no.

    12. You've always wanted to try those glitter bath bombs but know your skin would feel like literal hellfire when you get out.

    Flickr: plasticbat / Via Creative Commons

    13. Going anywhere after you get your eyebrows waxed always results in non-subtle stares.

    Paramount Pictures / Via


    14. The products that make your skin feel like baby angels are always hella expensive.


    15. Self-tanning lotions are 100% out of the picture for you.


    16. Buying anything but the extra-soft tissues results in your nose looking like Rudolph.

    Flickr: anniferrr / Via Creative Commons

    17. Washing your face with plain soap is NEVER OK.


    But even though it can be difficult, you've learned to love and accept your skin the way it is.

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