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23 Cleverly Creative Ways To Decorate Your Rented Apartment

Stop worrying and keep your rental deposit.

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1. Self-adhesive tiles can change the look of your entire kitchen.

You can browse through multiple styles here.

2. Use Command hooks and a curtain rod as a damage-free way to make walls a little more ~fancy~.

Buy a value pack for $7 here.

3. Or use those same Command hooks to hang decor from a plain wall.

4. An adjustable tension rod is the perfect accessory for a hanging garden.

Purchase one here for $4.99.

5. Peel-and-stick wall decals work wondrously for statement pieces...

6. ..."wallpapering" a bathroom...

7. ...or for adding bold stripes without paint.

You can find dozens of different designs here.

8. Temporary rustic deck tiles are sure to spruce up your balcony.

You can buy a pack of nine here for $34.99.

9. Contact paper is another ideal solution for adding a bit of character to your walls.

10. Or bland white furniture, for that matter.

Pick up this wooden texture here for $5.51.

11. And painting contact paper is the perfect damage-free way to create the chalk wall of your dreams.

Grab some here for $5.99.

12. Display wall tapestry to give a room some coziness and comfort.

13. Or add both color and texture with a bold curtain.

14. You can even add some rustic charm by decorating with a faux brick wall.

You can pick up some panels of this here.

15. Create a bit of dimension with a bright floral piece.

While using those Command hooks to hang your masterpiece.

16. Or brighten up a boring corner with a larger floral display.

17. Instead of nailing shelves into a wall, display your items in a beautiful bookcase.

Pick one up here.

18. Or you can showcase your things on a sophisticated bar cart.

19. Prop a statement mirror on a table to add character to a room without destroying your walls.

20. You can use standing ladders to create shelf space for a desk...

21. stylize a bedroom...

22. ...or as a vertical garden that creatively displays your plants and herbs.

You can purchase this similar one here.

23. Finally, add caging to your wall with Command hooks for a damage-free way to display pictures...

And enjoy KEEPING your rental deposit.

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