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15 Slightly Odd Things All Book Lovers Have Done

*Sneakily smells the pages of a brand-new book*

1. Complaining that you have no social life even though 9 times out of 10 you CHOOSE to stay at home with a book.

2. Starting a new book when you're already in the middle of reading another one.

3. Keeping receipts around for the sole purpose of using them as bookmarks in a pinch.

4. Saying "I have nothing to read" when you have an entire shelf full of books.

5. Becoming personally and deeply offended when someone tells you they don't read that much.

6. Looking around to make sure no one notices you smelling a brand)new book in the aisle of Barnes & Noble.

7. Listening to someone ramble on about the book that changed their life while secretly waiting your turn to ramble on about yours.

8. Saying "I'm so tired" when you know it was your fault for staying up until 3 in the morning to finish a book.

9. Becoming irrationally sad when the love interest of a story is not actually real and therefore will not ever be able to date you.

10. Taking it personally when you let a friend borrow your favorite book and then they tell you hate it.

11. Canceling plans because "you have a lot to do today" aka READ!!!!

12. Realizing you should know the answer to the question "What's your favorite book?" BUT never being able to narrow it down.

13. Going to the bookstore when you are literally broke and don't have any money to buy books.

14. Obsessing over a book in a series and then literally forgetting everything when the next one comes out a year later.

15. And finally, lovingly stroking the cover of a book after you finished the last page because you loved it THAT MUCH.