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    Updated on Nov 10, 2018. Posted on Nov 6, 2017

    18 Moments Sibling-Less People Just Won't Get

    "I'm telling MOOOOOOOOOM."

    1. When you tried to trap, lock, or shut your sibling up in a creative way.

    2. When you experienced this GIANT annoyance.

    3. When you had to get sneaky with your insults so your parents didn't get mad.

    margorhodes / Via

    4. When you were metaphorically slapped in the face after they DISGRACED you like this.

    5. When the sibling rivalry was real.

    6. When you rough-housed and one of you pretended to be really hurt and the other was scared to DEATH of your parents finding out.

    7. When you had to take a million family photos wearing matching outfits.

    8. When your parents made you sincerely apologize.

    9. When you chose to save the best for yourself and gave them the inferior leftovers.

    10. When it was hard to capture a "nice" picture together because one of you was always dicking around.

    11. When you somehow ended up with each other's things.

    simmonspartyof3 / Via

    12. When you've made a silly or unflattering photo of them appear whenever they call.

    nothingrhymeswithelijah / Via

    13. When your parents had to interfere.

    14. When you both equally dished out insults to each other.

    15. When they did something "to be funny."

    16. When you had to go to great lengths to get them to QUIT EATING YOUR FREAKIN FOOD.

    17. And finally, when they were your beautiful, angelic, goddamn heroes.

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