TikTok Is Slightly Confused After A Woman Showed Off Shower Onions In The Bathroom

    Um, what?

    This is Karalynn Dunton — writer, actor, comedian, and TikTok user — who recently deeply confused people when she posted this video. It seems harmless at first as she shows off her Tinder date's bathroom...until we get to the shower onions. 

    Yeah, you read that right. Shower onions. Apparently, this man had an entire bowl of onions sitting in his bathroom, something that Karalynn viewed as ~totally normal.~ But the 6 million people who saw the video had questions.

    If you're like, "ummmm, excuse me what?" You're not alone. The entire comment section was baffled. Even yours truly googled "shower onions" to see if there was something I was missing.

    When I got into contact with Karalynn, I asked what on earth shower onions were, and if she was actually for real. She told Buzzfeed: "I had seen a fair amount of younger creators do videos in the bedrooms of the guys they were starting to like basically saying, 'Does anyone recognize this bedroom before I catch feelings?' I had the idea of basically satirizing that type of video, but I wanted to throw in something super weird to make people stop and say, 'Wait, what? go back for a second...he has what?'"

    "I texted one of my straight, male friends and said, 'Hey, super weird question. At some point could I like, bring a bag of onions over to your apartment to film a TikTok in your bathroom?' To which he responded, 'Is this...is this real?'" Karalynn explained. "So that's basically the longest imaginable way to say, no, shower onions are not a real thing, it's an elaborate joke."

    What Karalynn didn't realize is that shower onions actually might be a thing, although not incredibly common. "What I didn't know at the time is that cut onions can be used as a natural deodorizer, which was a weird coincidence. And of course, now a bunch of people think I eat poop onions," Karalynn said. "I didn't expect the video to go viral, and I couldn't have imagined that 'shower onions' would be trending on Google because of that."

    "A ton of people made videos questioning it, many even blaming Gen Z (which has always tickled me as an older millennial), but a fair amount of people made their own videos showing off their shower onions or other shower comfort snacks. I think there is a weird recipe for going viral on the internet, and a huge factor of that can include anything that makes people exceptionally angry. And what I've learned from this is that eating an onion like an apple in a stranger's bathroom...is one of those things."

    So there you have it. Shower onions debunked.