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What Taco Bell Menu Item Does Your Country Have That The Rest Of The World Is Missing Out On?

Gimme that Chocomarsh.

It's safe to assume nearly everyone agrees that Taco Bell is insanely cheap and delicious fast food.

But some countries offer different menu items than what's available in the United States, and it looks bomb as hell.

Perhaps you've been to Japan and devoured the Grilled Stuff Nacho?

Or maybe you've consumed the delectable rice bowl offered in India?

Or maybe you shouted "YASSSS" when you saw they sell MARGARITAS in Cyprus!

What insanely delicious item, drink, or side does Taco Bell in your country offer? Upload your own picture or video of the meal via the DropBox below, and tell us which country it’s from for a chance to be featured on BuzzFeed Community post!