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15 Hacks That'll Change The Way You Shop At Sephora

Samples are bae.

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1. Save your foundation by asking for a small sample as a quick solution.

Life hack: if your face product doesn't match your summer shade, go to Sephora & get a sample of the Cover FX drops and mash it up 8)

2. Browse the website during the holidays to save big.

hack: go on sephora's website and in the stocking stuffer link, everything is under $20 bye

3. Go to multiple locations for double the samples.

clearancewhore / Via

life hack: go to a mall with multiple sephora locations so you can get twice the free samples

4. Purchase separately and get more goods.

Sephora hack: purchase all your items online separately (VIB Rouge or products >$50 for free shipping) receive extra samples!!! #StudentLife

5. Get the perfume sampler set to try out a ton of different options on your own time before settling on one:

One of my grad gifts was this perfume sampler set from Sephora & you take the sample you want in for the big bottle

6. Refreshing the website can bump you up on the waitlist.

jennykat321 / Via

Pro tip: don't waste your time on the waitlist for Sephora Play, refresh the page online a few times and you'll be able to subscribe.

7. Freshen up at Sephora if you aren't carrying any products on you.

Busy person life hack: schedule post-work drinks near a Sephora for last-minute touch-ups.

8. Make your sample concealer last so you can see how it reacts with your skin over time.

life hack: instead of buying full size expensive ass concealer at Sephora, ask 4 a sample & the amount they give you is enough for 6 months

9. Take Sephora samples with you when you travel with a carry-on.

#Makeup hack for traveling. Go to #Sephora and ask for samples of EVERYTHING you use that’s liquid :)

10. Organize those samples in a travel organizer so they're easy to sort through.

Sephora junkie? Too many sample packets? I have a life hack for you: Hanging jewelry organizer. You’re welcome.

11. Shop online to get even more free products with each order.

#Protip: Shopping @Sephora is best online. More variety of products, 3 free samples with every order, & use insider points for free products

12. Sample mascara wands make excellent eyebrow brushes...

TIP- if you want an eyebrow brush but don't wanna pay $20, you can get free mascara wands at Sephora and they work just as well

13. ...and also bang brushes.

I use those free sample mascara wands from sephora to brush out my bangs.

14. Politely ask a friend or family member who works at Sephora if you could use their discount.

Sephora's friends and family discount, getting my girls that discount on makeup 💄

15. And finally, keep shopping to get those VIB points — and MORE discounts!

beautyaddictsbliss / Via

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