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    Sam Hunt Might Have Gotten Married And People Have A Lot Of Feelings

    Congrats! But also... WHY?

    There was something INTERESTING people seemed to notice about Sam Hunt’s performance at the ACM Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday…


    Everyone jumped to the same conclusion that Sam and his financé, Hannah Lee Fowler, got hitched in Vegas:

    Sam Hunt got married so basically my life is over

    Sam Hunt, I see that ring on your finger...did you make use of your time in Vega and get hitched??? #ACMs

    When you see Sam Hunt is now wearing a wedding ring 😩

    i spotted a wedding ring on Sam Hunt's finger....pls tell me he isn't actually married yet & i still have a chance😭😭😭😭

    Anyone else notice that ring on Sam Hunt's finger??????? #ACMs

    Sam hunt has a wedding ring on. So they clearly secretly got married 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... or does it?? DOES THE RING MEAN WHAT WE THINK IT MEANS, SAM??