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    15 Times Buc-Ee’s Proved It Was The Best Damn Gas Station In The World

    When you see Buc-ee's, you stop at Buc-ee's.

    1. You've never seen a gas station this big or this perfect until you've been to Buc-ee's.

    2. They have a whole goddamn wall dedicated to gummies.

    3. And don't forget about all these GLORIOUS Texas souvenirs.

    4. After peeing in such a pristine facility, you will never again pee anywhere nicer.

    5. They have all the BBQ you can ask for because THIS IS TEXAS.

    6. Buc-ee's truly brings people together.

    7. And you'll never have to wait in line for gas because EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS.

    d4df1sh / Via

    8. You can buy any flavor of fudge imaginable...

    browneyes1182 / Via

    9. ...and it even comes in a Texas-shaped container.

    @browneyes1182 / Via

    10. They have healthy snacks...

    mayrakap07 / Via

    11. ...and sweet snacks.

    @tabithadumas11 / Via

    12. And where else would you buy your precious Beaver Nuggets?

    yellowjacketuav / Via

    13. TBH, it's hard to walk out empty handed.

    ashmconley_ / Via

    14. They have the most fashionable hats you could ever dream of.

    uniquelysocial / Via


    ashhhkauf / Via

    So bless you, Buc-ee's, for being there for every road trip, bathroom break, and gas stop.

    cathy71262 / Via


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