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    39 Questions About "Gilmore Girls" That We Need Answers To

    Spoilers ahead.


    What happened with Rory on the Obama campaign?

    Why wasn't Sookie there when Lorelai had her secret wedding?

    Do Doyle and Paris ever rekindle and work things out?

    Why was Logan even getting married?

    Why don't we ever see Odette?

    Does Paul go on to find someone deserving of his love?

    Why did we see Francie and not Madeline and Louise?

    Why couldn't the real Chad Michael Murray play Tristan?

    Why does Paris even still care about Tristan?


    Did Jackson ever get his "four in four years" kids?

    How has Taylor not aged?

    Same with Christopher?

    How did Rory afford an apartment in Brooklyn and all those international flights...if she's currently jobless?

    Why did Rory say she didn't have a car then repeatedly drive a car?

    Was the sabbatical Sookie took with Dan Barber actually worth leaving the Dragonfly — the place she built with her BFF???

    Is Rory actually a good journalist?

    Because...why the fuck would she fall asleep while talking to a source?

    And why would she sleep with a Wookiee?


    What did Emily do with the enormous portrait of Richard?

    Who even sent that letter she recalled in therapy with Lorelai?

    Has Jess written any more books?

    Do Dean and Jenny know Pam and Jim from The Office?

    Why the fuck did they waste time including a 15-minute musical?

    Why wasn't Christopher at Richard's funeral?

    Why isn't Paris a journalist?

    Was Harvard everything Paris hoped it would be?

    Did the thirtysomething gang ever find jobs?

    Do Kirk and Lulu ever have a baby?

    Do Lorelai and Luke ever have a baby?


    Does April's mom still live in New Mexico?

    Why does April even exist?

    What is Luke's actual wifi password?

    Do Lane and the rest of Hep Alien find success outside Stars Hollow?

    Are their kids very close to Mrs. Kim? Do they see her a lot?

    Was Mr. Kim ever as strict as Mrs. Kim?

    What does Mr. Kim even do for work?

    And even though it is SOMEWHAT implied, WHO IS THE FATHER OF RORY'S BABY?