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14 Images That'll Make You Say "I Never Knew That"

Didja know?

1. The bottom drawer of your oven actually serves a purpose.

cozycourtz / Via

2. The origin of the word "slang" actually makes a lot of sense.

3. The little gas tank on your car's dashboard has an arrow that tells you what side it's on.

dami529 / Via

4. You can tell if a cranberry is ripe by bouncing it.

5. E.l.f. brand makeup has a hidden compartment.

6. This is actually the proper way to wear earbuds.

7. The word "swims" looks exactly the same upside-down.

8. Your shopping cart may hold more bags than you think.

lozzy_roe / Via

9. You will never be able to see 12 dots at once with this pattern.

10. The alphabet does indeed have a familiar tune.

11. You can forgo breaking your nails by using a staple remover to unhook your keys.

shell_ontheroad / Via

12. Rub A535 can clean even the toughest whiteboard.

kathrynkef / Via

13. There are more Starbucks drinks than meets the eye.

14. And finally, this bit of knowledge:

afreen_ji / PBS / Via

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