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    17 Pictures That Are Literally You In A Relationship

    Them: "I love you." You: "I love cake."

    1. When you test the limits:

    alexxkuos / Via

    2. When you set high expectations:

    imthaaatgirl / Via

    3. When you cook a romantic dinner:

    4. When you seize the moment:

    iamhollyhoodfmf / Via

    5. When you remind them that you're the main event:

    erinjoannee / E! / Via

    6. When you're JUST CURIOUS:

    7. When you remind them that you're worth it:

    8. When your confidence never wavers:

    9. When you definitely don't rush into things:

    Twitter: @grilcode / Via NBC

    10. When you're cute in order to get what you want:

    11. When you write simple reminders:

    12. When you have an expansive vocabulary:

    13. When you set things straight:

    14. When you have to be the mature one:

    15. When you're just really comfortable around them:

    16. When you keep it real:

    17. And finally, when you're just downright honest:

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