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Updated on Apr 27, 2020. Posted on Apr 23, 2020

This Detailed Personality Quiz Breaks Down The Specific Parts Of Your Most Dominant Traits

You really can't get more specific than this.

In order to get the closest possible result, you must answer each of the following questions as honestly as you can.

  1. Rate this statement:

    "I often feel lost."

  2. Which color in this artwork best describes your current mood?

  3. How often do you need time to yourself?

  4. What emotion does this image conjure?

  5. Rate this statement:

    "I find long conversations draining."

  6. You are likely to have a detailed itinerary of travel plans.

  7. Choose the following image that brings you the most comfort:

  8. Rate this statement:

    "I often show affection to people I care about."

  9. Use the pain scale to rate how you react to heartbreak.

  10. Rate this statement:

    "I have a hard time owning up to my mistakes."

  11. You are the type of person who has vivid dreams.

  12. How does this image make you feel?

  13. Rate this statement:

    "I have a difficult time making decisions."

  14. How is your mood on average?

  15. How does this image make you feel?

  16. I listen to my head over my heart

  17. Rate this statement:

    "I am afraid of the unknown."

  18. You are more practical than idealistic.

  19. What color is your heart?

  20. Finally: You always honor your commitments.

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