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18 People Who Thought "Yeah, OK, This Is Fine"

It's OK. Really, it is.

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1. Whoever thought up this life-changing invention:

2. The person who wasn't necessarily wrong:

3. The person who gave this a big ole "OK!":

4. The employee who was just doing what was asked:

5. The person who probably had a few glasses of wine when they made this:

6. The translator who was like, "Sounds legit":

7. The person who was all, "Welp, whatever":

8. The person who had exactly zero cares left:

katjeanna / Via

9. The inventor who thought this would be fun and not at all painful:

10. The employee who just rolled with it:

isobar73 / Via

11. The person who just went with this mistake:

xpretail / Via

12. The person who went all in on the hard sell:

jcjjcp / Via

13. The person who approved this "Nemo after a bee sting" toy:

14. The designer who probably knew this could be a possibility:

_ptb___ / Via

15. The architect who was like, "Eh, this works":

briannabatdorf12 / Via

16. The person who was wasn't actually wrong:

cartoon_villain / Via

17. The person who decided everyone had to figure it out on their own:

18. And finally, the person who probably realized a space was missing, but went with it anyway:

lara_moon95 / Via

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