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Someone Created A Meme Coloring Book And It's Everything We Never Knew We Needed

God bless memes.

Jason Wong, a social media influencer, has created the Holy Meme Bible. It's a coloring book full of 2016's most viral memes for you to color at your leisure.

The website says you'll find 16 pages worth of memes, including Dat Boi, SpongeGar, crying Jordan, Damn Daniel, Harambe, and Pepe the frog.

"This past year, many significant events occurred, and I noticed that many people on the internet, myself included, resorted to using these memes to either cope or respond to these events," Wong told BuzzFeed. "I wanted to document the number of memes that happened this past year and put it on a medium that no one has done before. Also, I needed money for tuition."

Wong said that there has been a mixed reaction to the book, but "mostly I've seen really positive reviews."

holymemebible / Via Instagram: @holymemebible

"Lots of praise, lots of people that said 'Shit, I wish I did this earlier,' and a few people that criticized the product — but that's totally understandable," he said.

The process of cultivating the perfect memes took some research on his part.

holymemebible / Via Instagram: @holymemebible

"I started going back in history of major social media accounts that posted internet memes and noting the stuff that I felt was significant," Wong said. "After putting all the pictures and ideas on a Google Doc, I sent it off to my designer."

Wong said his large following on Tumblr helped him promote the book.

"On the first day that I put the book up for sale, it sold out in a few hours and I was able to afford new inventory and invest in marketing the book on more social media platforms," he said.

Wong said this is something he'd like to continue doing with popular memes each year.

holymemebible / Via Instagram: @holymemebible