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    Someone Created Meme Bath Bombs And Now I Need Them All

    You can now bathe in your memes.

    Today, ladies and gentlemen, worlds have collided, because MEME BATH BOMBS ARE A THING THAT EXISTS.

    Created by Jason Wong (who also created the Holy Meme Bible) and Jonathan Ge, the Dank Tank team explores unique products that they can take and "memeify." The result is pure magic.

    "During one of our brainstorming sessions, our researcher mentioned she really likes using bath bombs. Immediately, a light bulb lit up in the room. We began working on prototypes of a meme bath bomb the next day," Wong told BuzzFeed.

    The Spongegar is a SpongeBob-inspired bath bomb containing relaxing scents of mahogany coconut., Nickelodeon

    The Trash Dove–inspired bath bomb has luscious, invigorating scents of blueberry citrus.

    The Evil Kermit–inspired bath bomb smells like delightful grapefruit berry.

    The Send Nudes bath bomb has sweet scents of cherry blossom.

    And the Fidget Spinner bath bomb contains scents of fresh summer berry.

    Get all these bath bombs from the Dank Tank website for $9 each.

    Now go forth and bathe in your memes.