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    Posted on Dec 20, 2017

    19 LOL-Worthy Tweets That Literally Everyone Can Relate To

    Me: *Eats a completely appropriately proportioned meal.* Wow I could eat at least 10 more of these.


    *spends $150 on healthy organic food at the grocery store* *gets cheap greasy Mexican food for dinner*


    Number one, why these shits so hard to open? Number two, they loud as hell. Whole fuckin country know you tryna get…


    [Concert] SINGER: ARE YOU ALL ENJOYING IT?!! EVERYONE: YEAAAHHHHH!!!! ME: It is a bit loud to be honest


    southerners: this snow is so pretty! northerners: this isn't even a real snow- just you wait. i was born in an iglo…


    You, not maintaining a drawer of extra Taco Bell sauce packets "just in case" Me, wondering what it's like to live…


    Mondays are hard enough without being jacket-shamed by Belinda The Co-Worker From Minnesota Who Thinks It's Warm Outside Today


    [Christmas morning] Mom: [opening my present] there's nothing in here... Me: I got you a bitcoin! Mom: aww thank…


    My ghost of Christmas future couldn’t make it because he fell asleep while eating Cheez-It’s in bed.


    ME: *eats a completely appropriately proportioned meal* wow I could eat at least 10 more of these


    *puts on mascara* *sees a clump* *tries to fix with another coat* *gets more clumpy* *puts on another coat* *pokes…


    Them: Your hair looks so nice today! Me: Thanks! My brain: YOU KNOW THAT MEANS IT LOOKS LIKE CRAP EVERY OTHER DAY RIGHT



    My grocery list: 1. Don’t run into anyone you know 2. Eggs


    I REALLY hope the pizza tracker can't see how many times you click refresh.


    me: I need to practice good study habits and synthesize all the information I've learned this semester my brain: g…


    *phone ringing* Please don't pick up Please don't pick up Please don't pick up *ringing stops* *lets out a huge sigh of relief*


    [me when someone tells a joke I definitely don't get] ha ha humor, I get that and what's more is I enjoy it


    Christina Aguilera: *uses elaborate hand gestures while singing* Me: *uses same gestures while eating a calzone*


    Me in 4th grade: man it'd be cool if could get on the computer sometime this week Me now: if im not on twitter whi…

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