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Posted on Dec 21, 2017

Here Are A Few Easy Things You Can Do In 2018 To Make A Little Change In The World

Make your voice heard.

1. Send faxes or letters to your representatives in Congress via text message with Resist Bot.


Text RESIST to 50409 to start writing your representatives. It takes no time at all.

2. Find issues that are important to you through and use their script to call your representatives.


This website gives you the script, your senators, and the proper phone numbers. It couldn't be easier! Calls do make a difference.

3. Stay up-to-date on what Congress is voting on every week (and what your senator votes on for every bill) and gain digestible information on what's going on in government through


There's also an option to sign up for their newsletter, if you prefer having information sent straight to your inbox.

4. Forgo one weekly coffee to donate a few dollars toward an organization that could use your support.

Show Time

Plus, giving back feels good!

5. Find and attend advocacy groups in your community.


Look up local groups to meet face-to-face with like-minded people that help support the same policies and agendas while staying up to date with new information. Even just starting a group text can hold you accountable to do the work!

6. Sign up for your representative's emails to see when and where your town hall meetings are and try to go.


Don't be intimidated about seeking out meetings and making your voice heard.

7. Volunteer at an organization you're passionate about to support them.


I know, I KNOW we're all busy, but this is something you can easily do once a month. For instance, Planned Parenthood has a simple form you can fill out to help volunteer.

8. Finally, register to VOTE!


If you already are, GREAT! If you haven't yet, (especially if you're turning 18 in the near future) DO IT! It takes less than two minutes.

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