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Just 17 Genius Ideas You'll Wish You Thought Of First

You'll be glad you read this.

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1. The mastermind who made obtaining pizza rolls that much more convenient.

Instagram: @tindolbrian

2. The genius who thought up this brilliant idea that's keeping every purse safe.

meggymeg1125 / Via

3. The clever soul who found a way to keep toothbrushes a little more sanitary.

meagangoesgreen / Via

4. The person who made secret napping a whole lot easier.

lookcey / Via

5. This hero who discovered an A+ way to keep hands to themselves.

abcwc_dublin / Via

6. The actual genius who is saving each and every smile from wine one wipe at a time.

erinstam / Via

7. The hero who hacked this package into a milk and cookie tray.

peepshowbaby / Via

8. This genius who thought of a better way to clear away snow.

Instagram: @raquellereality

9. The person who brilliantly thought of using a fitted sheet at the beach to keep sand from migrating onto the blanket.

fitmixed0223 / Via

10. The genius inventor who's just looking out for heeled footwear.

morriscs1 / Via

11. The person who thought up a faster way to make brownies.

livi_witzke77 / Via

12. The savant who decided to keep drinks cold with frozen water balloons, then have a water war when they've thawed out.

sharkcleanuk / Via

13. The person who turned the dream of coffee ice cubes into a reality.

redsassypants / Via

14. The person who thought of wrapping valuables in a diaper to prevent thievery.

babies_and_bows / Via

15. The genius who hot glued hangers to make them grip clothes better.

16. The person who discovered that parmesan lids fit perfectly on mason jars.

1crazyhousetips / Via

17. And last, but certainly not least, the indomitable soul who hacked a sweatshirt into his own personal popcorn bowl.

jessicamattison / Via

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