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    For Everyone Who Is Slightly Obsessed With Texas Roadhouse Bread

    With that glorious, glorious cinnabutter.

    Out of all the warm, deliciously free bread in the universe, Texas Roadhouse rolls are HANDS DOWN the greatest.

    There is just no competition.

    The golden, buttered outside is simply no match for the perfection that lies inside these fluffy rolls.

    And the sweet and salty mix of that cinnabutter is practically more than you can handle.

    It's not just bread. IT'S BREAD OF THE GODS.

    Every time you visit, your heart pounds with anticipation when your server delivers this to your table.

    "More?" they ask when your basket is almost empty. THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS YES.

    How many of these rolls will you consume? THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST.

    And you literally have no shame asking for a separate to-go box just for your bread.

    "Don't you think you've had enough?" your friends may say. REALITY CHECK: They are not your true friends.

    Step aside Olive Garden breadsticks and Red Lobster biscuits, TEXAS ROADHOUSE BREAD IS WHERE IT'S AT.

    Long live The King of All Bread.