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46 Things That Would Have Been Different If "Friends" Were Set In L.A.

So no one told you life was always going to be 70 degrees because this is Los Angeles.

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The WB / Charlotte Gomez for BuzzFeed

1. The Friends intro would pan over the Los Angeles skyline.

2. Instead of meeting at Central Perk, they'd meet at a cupcake shop.

3. Monica, Rachel, Chandler, and Joey would be duplex neighbors in Los Feliz.

4. Ross would live next door in a two-bedroom with one room just for his toys. (Who knows where Ben is?)

5. All the characters would actually know how to drive.

6. Phoebe would play guitar on Hollywood Boulevard.

7. Joey would land his first real gig on 90210.

8. Monica would shop at the Beverly Hills farmers market every weekend.

9. Chandler would have gotten stuck in an ATM during an earthquake, not a blackout.

10. Ross would actually know what unagi is because almost everyone in L.A. eats sushi.

11. Monica would pay her dues at Mel's Drive-In before moving up in the culinary world.

The WB / Via Flickr: rosshawkes

12. But her dream opportunity would arise when Wolf Gang Puck offered her a chef position.

13. Ross would still be a paleontologist but work at the La Brea Tar Pits.

14. The gang would play football in Griffith Park on Thanksgiving.

15. Several episodes would have taken place at Zuma Beach in Malibu.

16. Ross wouldn't have needed a spray tan because it's sunny 99% of the time.

17. We would have actually seen Ross, Chandler, and Joey's knees because they would wear bermuda shorts year-round.

18. The gang would have been Lakers fans instead of Knicks fans.

The WB / Charlotte Gomez for BuzzFeed

19. Vegas trips would have happened more frequently...

20. Ross and Rachel would have married and divorced each other much sooner.

21. Joey would have still been a food fanatic, but he'd drink a green juice every now and then to balance it out.

22. Rachel would have started out as a personal shopper for a famous celebrity.

23. The chick and the duck would have had a backyard to roam around in.

24. Rachel would have told Phoebe that the apothecary table was from the Rose Bowl flea market.

25. Phoebe would be a New Age hippie and work with the healing power of crystals.

The WB / Via Flickr: 12067834@N02 / Creative Commons / Flickr: alicepopkorn / Thinkstock

26. Joey would have probably dated a Scientologist.

27. Or accidentally have become one.

28. The gang would have told Chandler to stop smoking so many blunts, not cigarettes.

29. Rachel would take Chandler to a yoga studio instead of a nail salon, but they would still inevitably bump into Janice there.

30. Phoebe would have given birth to her triplets at Cedars-Sinai.

31. Capitol Records would have asked Phoebe to record "Smelly Cat."

32. Phoebe would have embarrassed Rachel with her run while hiking Runyon Canyon.

33. Joey would work his infamous "How you doin'?" pickup line at Muscle Beach.

The WB / Charlotte Gomez for BuzzFeed / Via Flickr: mwichary

34. Joey would have passed out from heat stroke if he wore six sweaters in Los Angeles.

35. Rachel would have bought a purse dog instead of a Sphinx cat.

36. Joey would ride along with the L.A. Police Department and the greatest sandwich ever would have been from Canter's Deli.

37. Chandler and Joey would have lost Ben at Disneyland instead of on a bus.

38. Gunther would be the manager of a smoothie joint and still be in love with Rachel.

39. Ugly Naked Guy would actually be Super-Fit Naked Guy.

40. Monica would have incorporated kale and Brussels sprouts into their Thanksgiving dinner.

41. Chandler would quit his job and become a production assistant instead.

42. Instead of finding his red sweater, Ross would find his gray flip-flops.

The WB / Via Flickr: cuttlefish

43. Ross and Carol's child, Ben, would have become a child star.

44. In the end, Chandler and Monica would have moved to Toluca Lake to raise their newborn twins.

45. Instead of going to the wrong airport, Ross would have missed Rachel because of the goddamn LAX traffic.

46. ...but she still would have gotten off the plane.

The WB / Via Netflix


Ben is Ross and Carol's son. An earlier version of this post misstated that fact.

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