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    17 Flawless Jokes About Books That All Readers Will Laugh At

    "Seeing all of us baking right now makes me realize that Peeta was the most realistic part of The Hunger Games."

    1. This Pride & Prejudice take:

    for me the most relatable character in Pride & Prejudice is Lady Catherine, who has never studied or played music but is confident that if she had, she would have been great at it.

    2. This tweet that perfectly understands the writing process:

    Me, reading: I know so many words. Me, writing: The tree was tall.

    3. This Lord of the Rings moment:

    thinking about when my mom and I saw LOTR in theaters and at one point she turned to me and whispered "this could never happen"

    4. This iconic Dumbledore logic:

    DUMBLEDORE: Hogwarts is the safest place in the world. HARRY POTTER: Okay so like, around zero child murders then? DUMBLEDORE: HARRY POTTER: Dumbledore, how many child murders are there?

    5. And again, more of this classic Dumbledore logic:

    harry potter: so we have toilets at the school? dumbledore: yes harry potter: but no ball point pens? dumbledore: nope. gotta use this feather instead. have fun.

    6. This very timely return of Edward Cullen:

    very appropriate that infamous spanish flu survivor edward cullen would return to our lives now. imagine the wisdom he can share

    7. This worthy love story:

    the way that I am not currently browsing the shelves in a second bookshop, finding a faded letter written in scarlet ink and developing a long-distance correspondence with the author that slowly blossoms into love… unforgivable.

    8. This trope you can't help but love:

    fic: these two characters who haven't acknowledged their feelings for one another have to share a bed me:

    9. This take on the classic Dickens line:

    “It was the worst of times... Yeah. That’s all I got.” - Charles Dickens, 2020

    10. This all too real moment:

    Me: I love that my library has ebooks My ipad: your screen time has increased 3762% in the past week

    11. This incredible point:

    “Shakespeare wrote King Lear while he was quarantined” Me: *stares pointedly at George R. R. Martin*

    12. This perfect pitch:

    Writer: He travels through time Exec: Who? Writer: Yes Exec: Who travels through time? Writer: And space, yes Exec: Who travels through space? Writer: In a police box, yes Exec: Who's in a police box? Writer: People reporting crimes, usually Exec: Get out

    13. This solid point:

    This whole things feels Harry Potter waiting to leave The Dursley’s before returning to Hogwarts. On a loop. Forever.

    14. These perfectly aligned tweets:

    nobody: Mr Collins to the Bennet sisters:

    15. This high stakes subplot:

    I’m advising that we cut the murder hornets subplot. We don’t need it to enhance the stakes, the running story line is already dramatic enough, and it’s just one absurdity too many.

    16. This piece of literature that really captures 2020:

    "It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times, it was the worst of times, it was the worst of times." — me trying to write the next great American novel right now

    17. And finally, this hilarious observation:

    Seeing all of us baking right now makes me realize that Peeta was the most realistic part of the Hunger Games

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