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    John Green Says He Feels Like A "Fraud"

    "I feel like a fraud all the time."

    John Green has been slaying the YA books scene, especially with the recent release of the film adaptation of Paper Towns.

    Green has an army of loyal fans who adore his novels, including TAYLOR FREAKING SWIFT.

    John Green is my favorite writer and @Caradelevingne @halstonsage @natandalex are some of my favorite people. Can't WAIT to see Paper Towns.

    In his Reddit AMA today, Green was asked if he ever felt like his will to write might go away and not come back.

    John Green / Via

    But his response was refreshingly honest.

    "I mean I haven't published a novel for three and a half years, so...yeah. I feel this way all the time. People often use the phrase 'literally the worst' colloquially, but I have on countless occasions felt that I am literally the worst writer on Earth, and that I am a complete fraud. I feel like a fraud all the time, and I still don't feel like I know how to write a novel, and at this point I doubt I ever will."

    And then he eloquently explained how he attempts to overcome these feelings.

    "The only way through it for me is to take pleasure in the process of writing, or to find value in it. Even when I suck. Even when there's no way anything I'm writing will ever see the light of day. The act of trying to write for an audience must feel valuable in and of itself, or else I am doomed."

    So if you're ever feeling down on yourself, just remember that John Green also goes through feelings of self-doubt.

    We have faith in you, John. Stay awesome.

    John Green / Via

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