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18 Times "Harry Potter" Cosplayers Totally Slayed

They look like the real deal, TBH.

BuzzFeed visited Leviosa — a Harry Potter con in Las Vegas — where some ~magical~ cosplayers stole the show. Here are some of the best:

1. Voldemort:

2. Professor Umbridge:

3. Rita Skeeter:

4. The Grey Lady:

5. Professor Mcgonagall:

6. Nearly Headless Nick:

7. Hagrid:

8. Dumbledore:

9. Quidditch players:

10. Luna Lovegood:

11. Hedwig:

12. Narcissa Black Malfoy:

13. Mafalda Hopkirk, Ministry of Magic Employee:

14. Time Turner:

15. Luna Lovegood in her 2014 Quidditch World Cup dress:

16. Amortentia love potion:

17. Pin-up Ginny Weasley:

18. The uniquely magical Harry Potter dress: