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25 Incredible Greek Islands You Need To See Before You Die

Time to start saving up.

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1. Elafonisos

Known for its clear blue water and light sandy beaches.

2. Symi

A prime location for snorkeling and checking out beautiful churches.

3. Paxoi

One of the smaller Greek islands containing picturesque beaches.

4. Kastelorizo

Ideal for experiencing the breathtaking blue grotto experience.

5. Nisyros

A volcanic island where you're able to view the boiling holes.

6. Skyros

The capital, Chora, is known for its gorgeous white buildings and stunning views.

7. Thasos

An ideal place to experience the island's natural pools and blue waters.

8. Kalymnos

A great island to visit if you're all about rock climbing.

9. Lasithi

Museum and nightlife lovers will enjoy the culture of Lasithi.

10. Evia

As the second biggest island of Greece, you can explore its rich history and gorgeous sights.

11. Ikaria

A perfect paradise for experiencing hot springs and breathtaking beaches.

12. Alonissos

Excellent for attending summer festivals and local markets.

13. Psara

A paradise known for spectacular sights and "the most affordable lobster pasta in Greece."

14. Tilos

Explore Medieval castles, gorgeous mountain landscapes, and beautiful seaside views.

15. Zakynthos

Boat on over to shipwreck cove, one of the most famous beaches in Greece.

16. Halki

The perfect place for peaceful strolls away from the tourist crowd.

17. Donousa

A great place for exploring caves and tasting appetizing local cuisines.

18. Delos

Rich in history and culture, this is the perfect destination for those interested in Greek mythology.

19. Corfu

Famous for year-round gorgeous weather, historic monuments, and beautiful atmosphere.

20. Syros

A pleasant island that's wonderful for exploring low-key beaches and bustling marketplaces.

21. Polyaigos

An uninhabited island that's a scenic destination for sailing fanatics.

22. Sifnos

A magical vacation spot containing gorgeous villages and uncrowded beaches.

23. Naxos

Famous for "Portára," the marbled gate, and historic villages.

24. Amorgos

A lovely place to explore gorgeous, whitewashed villages and scenic views.

25. Kythnos

Visit the island’s hot springs and 65 incredible beaches.

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