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19 Magical "Fantastic Beasts" Products You'll Want To Buy Immediately

They're simply fantastic.

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

1. This fantastic Newt Scamander button:

FandomB / Via

Get this from FandomB on Etsy for $2.15.

2. This simplistic suitcase necklace that opens and closes:

Get this from CaliModernFashions on Etsy for $7.75.

3. This clever "Newt's Misplaced Suitcase" scented candle:

Get this from AngryHare on Etsy for $11.

4. This gorgeously designed iPhone case:

TakilaArt / Via

Get this from TakilaArt on Etsy for $9.90.

5. This awesome "Fantastic Beasts" tank top:

ploncow / Via

Get this from Ploncow on Etsy for $16.

6. This adorable Niffler enamel pin:

HannahHitchman / Via

Preorder this from HannahHitchman on Etsy for $10.

7. This stunning black and white movie print:

BFVPrints / Via

Get this from BFVPrints on Etsy for $7.

8. This creative "Fantastic Beasts" book necklace:

Get this from MerakiImaginations on Etsy for $8.99.

9. This nifty pencils:

Hollyvanderswands / Via

Get this from Hollyvanderswands on Etsy for $8.44.

10. This amazing decal:

InspirationShopCo / Via

Get this from InspirationShopCo on Etsy for $3.20.

11. This contemporary T-shirt:

Velvetmusketeer / Via

Get this from Velvetmusketeer on Etsy for $20.

12. This super cute tree ornament:

chibiwings / Via

Get this from Chibiwings on Etsy for $17.

13. This lovely bookmark:

Boookmarky / Via

Get this from Boookmarky on Etsy for $4.27.

14. This handy Newt Scamander magnetic bookmark:

paperlyandco / Via

Get this from Paperlyandco on Etsy for $3.

15. This rad Macusa crest metal pin:

BestYetCollectables / Via

Get this from BestYetCollectables on Etsy for $4.99.

16. These simplistic tree ornaments:

PimpedMyStride / Via

Get these from PimpedMyStride on Etsy for $11.40.

17. These super fun photo booth props for your next party:

Jamsnovelties / Via

Get these from Jamsnovelties on Etsy for $4.68.

18. This awesome iPad protection case:

Get this from CaseLibrary on Etsy for $29.99.

19. And finally, this magical sweatshirt:

DynamiteCustoms / Via

Get this from DynamiteCustoms on Etsy for $25.

Happy shopping!

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