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    Posted on Mar 3, 2016

    17 Things Only "Twilight” Fans Will Remember Doing In 2008

    Team Edward or Team Jacob?

    1. First off, you read the books over and over again because you couldn't get enough.

    musclerussell_n_me / Via

    2. Your bedroom door was COVERED in Twilight posters and stickers.

    herut_buzaglo / Via

    3. In fact, you basically had a shrine in your room dedicated to the brilliance of this series.

    mclovinsmom_ / Via

    4. You had at least *one* Twilight-themed article of clothing you wore endlessly until it had holes.

    bmwadebree27 / Via

    5. And you meticulously created the perfect fan T-shirt to wear to the midnight premiere of the movie.

    katieebbyxo / Via

    6. You proudly represented if you were Team Edward or Team Jacob.

    neh_suhhh / Via

    7. You took tons of pictures with your friends as you waited for the movie to start while discussing in length which scenes from the book you hoped to see.

    ktinameeamor / Via

    8. And you secretly kept your concessions as a souvenir.

    keffanie / Via

    9. You planned a trip to Forks, WA to see where the Twilight *magic* began.

    dianamcguire53 / Via

    10. And you were excited beyond words to feast your eyes upon actual filming locations.

    tasha_bebz808 / Via

    11. You'd put "Clair de Lune" on repeat and imagine Edward playing it for you instead of Bella.

    brookesmob / Via

    12. And the book covers inspired you to flawlessly perfect your nail art game.

    mama_quada / Via

    13. You ran to the store as soon as the first movie was out on DVD, and by the second week of consistently rewatching it you were quoting along with it.

    iameaa / Via

    14. And you even hosted your own themed viewing party that including drinking fruit punch as ~blood~.

    isabellevolturi / Via

    15. You proudly wore the shit out of your vampire fangs.

    kisha_lv / Via

    16. You were never afraid to express how much the series meant to you.

    brenda_glam / Via

    17. And finally, you knew there was NEVER a bad time to reread the book — which is why your copy is worn with love.

    yatesmarianne / Via

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