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    15 Times Employees Significantly Missed The Mark

    Let's hope 2021 is going a bit better.

    1. The person in charge of this design: 

    2. The pizzeria employee who was probably overworked and more than a little tired:

    3. The person in charge of this quality control check:

    4. And the person who oversaw this tiny mistake: 

    5. The person in charge of creating this online form:

    6. The employee who made this sign:

    7. The person who slapped on these labels:

    8. Also this label:

    9. The employee who wasn't exactly diligent with their work:

    10. The poor tired soul who phrased this survey question:

    11. The person who failed to do quality control on this: 

    12. The employee who didn't catch this glaring error:

    13. And this employee who also tried:

    14. The employee who didn't see the problem:

    15. And finally, the person who did their best: