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    55 Amazingly Decorated Dorm Rooms That Just Might Blow Your Mind

    I am so jealous of...all of these?!?

    We recently scoured the BuzzFeed Community, TikTok, and Instagram for the best and trendiest dorm rooms. Here are the gorgeous results:

    1. This dorm that might actually be an Urban Outfitters display:

    2. Create your own ivy-covered dorm room wall:

    Female university student eating in her room with plants

    3. Pick an accent color (in this case, a bright, sunny yellow) and use it across your room to liven up a blank canvas:

    University bedroom in the North East of England. There is a single bed, a desk and no people.

    4. Hanging paper lanterns are inexpensive to buy and easy to install (with the help of a few Command hooks):

    Dorm room with hanging paper lanterns

    5. This plant lover's paradise:

    6. This wonderful poster gallery wall:

    7. On top of being super cute, this room that also has a whole vanity for getting ready:

    8. This charming room with the most calming palette:

    A bedroom with a twin bed and a pastel palette of light beige, pink, and blue

    9. This princess bed that's giving royalty:

    Princess bed with drapes and stuffed animals

    10. This room that is so cute and cozy:

    11. This neon-light haven:

    12. This darling dorm that was big enough to have a VELVET COUCH:

    Dorm room with a velvet couch, chair, table, and rug

    13. This soft and cozy hangout:

    14. This magical setup that just might belong to a fairy:

    A bed with fairy lights above it

    15. This dorm with the perfect pop of color and an adorable seating area:

    A large window with green curtains, a green area rug, and green accents on chairs and tables

    16. This dorm room that straight-up looks like an apartment that's wayyy off campus:

    17. This classy use of white:

    18. This artsy little area:

    19. This room with the on-point gallery wall:

    A gallery between a twin bed and fairy lights, including "Good Vibes" and "Holy Chic" framed posters

    20. This elegant use of lace:

    21. This cozy space that makes me want to curl up with a good book, stat:

    Fairy lights above a loft bed

    22. This picture-perfect haven:

    23. This lovely use of gray:

    24. This eclectic dorm that captures its resident's worldly travels:

    A twin bed in a room with many photos on the wall and decorative bedspread and coverings

    25. This cream dream:

    26. Imagine coming back to this after a long day of class:

    27. This room that's absolutely wall art goals:

    28. This dorm with the vibrant paint swatch masterpiece:

    A wall covered in multicolored paint swatches

    29. This gorgeous pop of color:

    30. This incredible before-and-after that proves dorms can be bright and cozy:

    A bare room versus one with colorful wall hangings, curtains, and bedspread

    31. This cozy nook that looks a lot more comfy than your average dorm bed:

    32. This amazing use of storage space:

    33. These roomies added a chic accent wall with some peel-and-stick wallpaper:

    34. This soothing respite from beer pong and first-year seminars:

    A canopied twin bed with a decorative wall hanging

    35. This masterpiece that only an art student could pull off:

    A wall with colorblock textile squares above a bed with a bright comforter and colorful pillows

    36. This cozy use of a giant tapestry:

    37. The impressive way that couch fits so perfectly:

    38. This pillowy paradise with the ideal number of octopuses:

    A dorm room with fairly lights and octopus-logo pillows

    39. Madison has totally nailed the dorm room gallery wall:


    i think i’m gonna start rating my days so 3/10 because i’m sick #college #dormtour

    ♬ original sound - vernissagemelina

    40. This actual magnum opus of a wall:

    A wall above a twin bed covered in photos and posters of different sizes

    41. This heavenly haven:

    42. These roomies made their dorm look like a glam boutique:

    43. This room that...isn't even fair to call a dorm because it's so freaking cute. Come ON:

    Two twin beds with colorful quilts with a chair between them and many pillows on all three

    44. This mansion that laughs in the face of the humble studio apartment I call home:

    A bed and desk separated by a half glass door with fairy lights

    45. This...potentially real ad from West Elm?!

    A room with a blue-gray color scheme, with a small refrigerator, love seat, small table, and posters

    46. This fantastic minimalist setup:

    Three small framed posters and hanging decorations above a bed with a furry throw and pillow

    47. Adding a carpet and curtains made all the difference in this dorm:

    48. This one that was literally years in the making:

    Two walls covered in posters, photos, and magazine covers featuring people like Benedict Cumberbatch and Idris Elba and a large "I left my heart in Middle Earth" poster

    49. This perfectly coordinated and patterned wonder that can't possibly be lived in by 18-YEAR-OLDS?? RIGHT????

    Two twin beds with many pillows and similar, complementary patterns

    50. This transformation was seriously impressive:

    51. This one that seems as though a professional designer decorated it:

    A room with rich colors, a large wall painting, and sleek futon

    52. This "Surely you can't be serious that a dorm could look this cute and cozy..." specimen:

    Room with twin bed, warm fairy lights, wall posters and hangings, and a mauve-pink color scheme

    53. This dorm is perfect for any fans of boho decor:

    54. This *checks back to photos of real-life dorm rooms* MUST BE A LIE, YOU GODDAMN INTERIOR DECORATOR, YOU:

    A warm, golden room with a poster board, small end tables, and a bed with a sham, throw, many pillows, and stuffed elephant

    55. Come on, this is getting ridiculous:

    A room with matching twin beds near the window and a living area with a TV, TV stand, couch, and large table

    This post contains content from Kayla Suazo, Farrah Penn, Terri Pous, and Alex Gurley. It was compiled by Laura Frustaci.