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    27 Dorm Rooms That Will Inspire Your Bedroom Makeover This Year

    Make it feel like home.

    1. This cozy, boho space:

    nadialouisethomas / Via

    2. This twinkle light oasis:

    hiannaaa_ / Via

    3. This neon light haven:

    daytripperuniversity / Via

    4. This plant lovers paradise:

    sleepyheadusa / Via

    5. This minimalistic floral corner:

    @midgetfidgets / Via Instagram: @midgetfidgets

    6. This soft and cozy hang out:

    thehomespunstylingco / Via

    7. This relaxing blue setting:

    allison_tucker1 / Via

    8. This classy use of white:

    stuff2college / Via

    9. This rich blue paradise:

    10. This artsy little area:

    stuff2college / Via

    11. This adorable coordinated room:

    12. This elegant use of lace:

    gabriellecreates / Via

    13. This simplistic yet comfortable corner:

    camsuddarth / Via

    14. This picture perfect haven:

    daytripperuniversity / Via

    15. This cream dream:

    daytripperuniversity / Via

    16. This lovely and inviting area:

    with_taryn / Via

    17. This gorgeous pop of color:

    stuff2college / Via

    18. This classic boho room:

    19. This lovely use of gray:

    20. This simplistic yet inviting corner:

    dormstate / Via

    21. This patterned paradise:

    22. This amazing use of storage space:

    23. This super cute and cozy area:

    dormstate / Via

    24. This amazing before and after:

    hippiesnoutfits / Via

    25. This room that's absolutely wall art goals:

    residencehallbc / Via

    26. This cozy use of a giant tapestry:

    27. And finally, this heavenly haven:

    dormlights / Via

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