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Cardi B And Offset's New Home Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Congrats, you guys!

Hello and merry Christmas to all!! But especially Cardi B and Offset, who closed on a house after looking for TWO years, then gave us all a little tour on Christmas Eve.

Anyway, here it is. CASUAL!

Both Offset and Cardi took us on a tour of their cozy home, and IT. IS. HUGE. For instance, here's a little glimpse of the kitchen:

(And here's a better view from the listing!)

There's a pantry that is literally the size of a bedroom, and a cozy little fireplace in one of the living areas downstairs.

A better view of the pantry. I mean, there's a separate PANTRY SINK!!! This is wealth.

There are columns on columns on COLUMNS inside the mansion, and this gorgeous curved staircase.

According to Cardi's videos, Offset likes how the mansion looks at night, but Cardi likes how it looks during the day. Day or night, there is no denying that it ACTUALLY looks like a resort.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Then they took us back inside to the master bedroom, which is probably the size of a standard one-bedroom apartment.

This is a CLOSET.

(And a better view of said closet.)

Then we got a little glimpse of their bathroom, which is basically a SPA.


They bought themselves a fancy hotel and I'm very happy for them.

Then we went downstairs, which is also beautiful. Cardi says that this will be Offset's "man cave," and it contains a fireplace, bar, and WINE CELLAR.

Here is said bar:


Cardi took us to another part of the mansion that looks extremely bare-bones. However, she's excited to turn it into a glam room. I, for one, am excited to see the final transformation.

Then we moved upstairs, where Cardi says the guest rooms and kids' rooms will be. Also, there's a stunning chandelier.

Here's one of the five bedrooms:

(Again, here's a better view.)

Then you walk down a very pretty balcony to get to another room. Cardi said she's transforming this particular room into a children's playroom. Offset then did a cartwheel to show how big it is.

Then we went back downstairs and through a beautiful wood door and into a GIANT garage!!!

And that's it! You can watch the entire tour on Cardi's Instagram. CONGRATS, YOU TWO.