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    Bookstagrammers Are Sharing Some Of Their Fave Books, And Here's Everything You Need To Know

    With a book community this big, you'll always have a great recommendation!

    1. Trisha from @trishawantstoread:

    @trishawantstoread / Via, Via

    About me: My name is Trisha Ray (“she”/“her”), and I am a 23-year-old Indian American. I currently live on stolen Coast Salish land, also known as Seattle, where I am finishing my master's degree in electrical engineering. After I graduate, I plan to work in the renewable energy space while continuing to read diverse books and volunteer with climate activism groups.

    What followers can expect: Followers can expect to see book reviews by BIPOC authors and #OwnVoices reviews of South Asian books. On my feed, my photos of books are usually displayed in front of my Green New Deal posters (from the Creative Action Network) or next to the cutest cat, named Bella. I read mostly romance, fantasy, and contemporary books across all age groups, as well as nonfiction books to educate myself on social justice issues. Overall, I strive to create a platform that amplifies marginalized voices and builds community.

    A recent book I enjoyed: You're the Only One I've Told by Dr. Meera Shah. As an abortion provider, Shah has collected abortion stories from a wide range of ages, races, religions, socioeconomic backgrounds, and experiences to provide a more accurate and inclusive depiction of abortion. I recently got to discuss the book in a book club with other @SouthAsianBookishCreators. Abortion always felt like a taboo topic to discuss in the South Asian community; it was so healing to discuss it with friends who grew up feeling a similar stigma. My full review can be found here.

    2. Belle from @officialhijabireader_:

    @hijabireader_ / Via,

    About me: My name is Belle on bookstagram, and to many I am known as “hijabireader.” I created my bookstagram a little over a year ago during lockdown as a way to connect with others who enjoyed reading and had the same passions. I work in a secondary school as a key worker, and I hope to continue to use my account as a way to advocate for people’s rights and give attention to topics of necessary discussion, as well as lots and lots of books.

    What followers can expect: You can expect honest reviews and updates of the books I am reading, exciting book hauls and unboxings, and fangirling over my favorite characters (Lazlo from Strange the Dreamer and Levi from AOT). Also, chatting about issues that may not be in the mainstream news. It's a safe place for all.

    A recent book I enjoyed: Unspoken by Ari Reavis is a recent 5-star book for me. It's an incredible tale of resilience with a strong female main character and an engaging and thrilling plot. Also, it's a book by a lovely Muslim author. If you are looking for an exciting, fast-paced, and interesting magic system, look no further!

    3. Emily from @emilybookedup:

    @emilybookedup / Via Instagram: @emilybookedup,

    About me: I am a 28-year-old Chicago native who has loved to read for as long as I can remember! I'm a newlywed, obsessed with Taylor Swift and Dunkin' Donuts, and a dog mom. I'll read any genre, but my favorites are thrillers, romance (the sadder the better!), and historical fiction.

    What followers can expect: Followers can expect honest reviews, book recommendations, lists for every genre and mood, rankings of authors' work (founder of the hashtag #AuthorRankings), sunset photos, and puppy content.

    A recent book I enjoyed: The most recent book I've enjoyed is The Alice Network by Kate Quinn, which I listened to on audio. It's an amazing historical fiction novel about women in the First World War and is truly an exceptional story. It taught me a lot about women's involvement in World War I that I wasn't privy to before I started.

    4. Jocelyn from @shesalreadybooked:

    @shesalreadybooked / Via,

    About me: I'm Jocelyn, a mid-thirties financial journalist by day and book-obsessed, avid reader by night. I live in the heart of Vancouver — where it rains like 70% of the year, which makes it an ideal city to live in to curl up at home and read (just call me Phyllis from The Office!). I started reading regularly in May of last year and read 156 books over that year, and I've already read over 100 books this year, so to say I spend a lot of time reading is an understatement. When I'm not reading, my boyfriend of six years and I can usually be found watching sports (hockey, baseball, football), rewatching our favorite TV shows (also, who else is excited about Season 23 of Big Brother??), and hanging out with our dog, Littlefoot, and cat, Beatrice.

    What followers can expect: I like to keep the aesthetic of my feed simple, but when it comes to my reviews, I like to go into as much detail as possible. I also think it's important to include trigger warnings so that a reader doesn't go into a book and get completely blindsided by a potential trigger. Aside from book recommendations, I like to highlight books that aren't as widely known on bookstagram — mostly because I want people to love these books as much as I do; highlight book facts that I think are interesting; and have honest discussions about our reading habits. Mostly, I love to discuss the importance of diversifying our bookshelves and reading about experiences written by BIPOC and LGBTQ authors, or other experiences that aren't like our own.

    A recent book I enjoyed: A recent book I enjoyed was Betty by Tiffany McDaniel. So far this year, it's my favorite read of 2021 and was one I'd been meaning to get to for a few months. The book is loosely based on the author's mother and her upbringing as a half-white, half-Cherokee young girl in the 1960s. Although it is largely a coming-of-age story (which I love), it explores so many important issues, including racism, parental emotional abuse, sexual assault, physical abuse, addiction, and suicide. While parts of it are certainly not an easy read, the relationship between Betty and her father is beautiful, and Betty herself is such a smart, resilient, and unforgettable character.

    5. Mina from @book_skywalker:

    Instagram: @book__skywalker / Via @book__skywalker, Via

    About me: My name is Mina, and I'm 26 years old. I work as an ESL instructor for a local college in New York City helping students who are learning English to develop their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills before they start taking college courses. I started my bookstagram account about a year ago when I began my BookTube channel! I love posting my thoughts and photos of all the books I'm reading and conversing with fellow book lovers! I also like to write for fun and one day hope to publish something.

    What followers can expect: On my account, you can find all of the spooky/creepy book recommendations you could ever want for the horror lover in you! I'm a huge reader of horror, thrillers, and sci-fi. And of course, as my account name suggests, I'm a huge Star Wars fan as well. So you can also expect some Star Wars book reviews from time to time. My signature photo is usually my current read with a Starbucks cold brew! And you may also catch a glimpse of my two little kitties, Ninja and Yoda, photobombing my pics!

    A recent book I enjoyed: One of my favorite recent reads would have to be The Burning Girls by C.J. Tudor. It is a horror-thriller novel that follows the mystery of a supposedly haunted church and how the small-town tragedies that occurred in the past connect to that church. It was so dark and eerie, and I love the way Tudor crafts such complex and unique horrors and thrillers. You can always expect a good twist to end her books! I would recommend it to any horror lover.

    6. Molly from / Via,

    About me: Hey, y’all! I’m Molly — mom of three crazy but awesome kiddos and avid romance reader. I live in Texas, where you can find me avoiding laundry and hiding from my kids to read the latest releases. I started my bookstagram a little over a year ago, and it has been my happy place ever since!

    What followers can expect: My favorite genre is romance (of all kinds). You can expect lighthearted, happy-ending recs; swoonworthy, can’t-put-down love stories; and real, everyday life — messy house and all. I love connecting with my followers on all things books, family, and life. I hope to be a positive impact with my community that makes your day brighter.

    A recent book I enjoyed: As much as I love me some steam, one of my all-time favorite books is closed-door romance The Off-Limits Rule by indie author Sarah Adams. This book oozes swoon and angst, had me laughing to the point of tears, and made me forget to cook dinner for my family (oatmeal, anyone?). I recommend this book to absolutely anyone and everyone for a fantastic read that will put a huge smile on your face!

    7. Rachelle from @raethereviewer:

    @raethereviewer / Via Instagram: @raethereviewer,

    About me: Hi, my name is Rachelle — but I usually go by "Rae" — and I'm a 21-year-old Haitian American. I also happen to be a Florida native, but I'm from South Florida, where there are considerably fewer Florida Man sightings. My favorite hobbies are reading, writing, and gardening.

    What followers can expect: I post a little bit of everything, but my focus is and has always been books by marginalized authors. I want to help people find books where they can see themselves represented. When I'm not posting aesthetically pleasing pictures of books and flowers or Reels riddled with satire, I put together lists of book recommendations that focus on a specific topic, kind of author, or new releases. All of my lists include books by BIPOC, but I also try to include LGBTQ books and books that have disability representation. You'll find a mix of genres and age ranges on my page, so there's basically something for everyone. I also post periodic reminders to go read Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko because it's one of my all-time favorite books. On the days I take a break from reading, I post my Marvel Cinematic Universe rewatch commentary to my stories.

    A recent book I enjoyed: I recently read and loved Ben Philippe's Sure, I'll Be Your Black Friend: Notes From the Other Side of the Fist Bump. I don't read essay collections very often, but I love Philippe's YA novels, and he's Haitian, so I was excited to see how he'd bring that experience into the conversation. A lot of times when calls for books by Black authors are made, the focus is African Americans, and the diaspora is often forgotten about or ignored, but that definitely wasn't the case here. His use of satire and the way he reflected on his experiences living in Canada and, now, the United States were really interesting.

    8. Megan from @megmcreads:

    @megmcreads / Via,

    About me: I'm Megan, and I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer from Ontario! I wasn't a strong reader as a kid, but after tutoring before school, something clicked and then there was no stopping me! I started my book account so that my clients didn't have to see book posts constantly, and I'm so glad I did because the friendships I've made have been amazing.

    What followers can expect: Clean, bright images featuring starless reviews, nonreviews, lots of plants, and occasional appearances by my dog, Murphy, and cat, Vlad! I read most genres in fiction and the occasional nonfiction but gravitate toward contemporary romance, historical fiction, and fantasy. I am occasionally creatively ambitious, always honest but hopefully never mean, and always ready for a fun discussion! I also love to share indie authors, so expect to be introduced to some hidden gems!

    A recent book I enjoyed: Float Plan by Trish Doller is a book I can't stop thinking about. It has everything I want in a contemporary romance. By that, I mean I like the romance aspect of this genre, of course, but I like books to have depth, and Float Plan brought an ocean's worth of depth. I laughed and cried and haven't stopped telling people to read it.

    9. Michelle from @berrybookpages:

    @berrybookpages / Via,

    About me: Hi, my name is Michelle! I am a queer Latinx immigrant working in publishing, and I currently live in New York City, where I am on a mission to visit as many independent bookstores as I can (book tours coming to my Instagram page soon!). Besides having a book-buying addiction, I enjoy screaming about morally gray characters and drinking way too much caffeine.

    What followers can expect: Followers can expect reviews and features of books by BIPOC and LGBTQ authors in all genres, but especially fantasy and romance. My hope is that people who follow me can see me as the friend who is happy to scream with them about books. I also share a little bit of my nonreading life and personal experiences.

    A recent book I enjoyed: Legendborn is contemporary fantasy at its best. Tracy Deonn is changing the world, and after this book, I think there is a new standard for excellence. Gripping, absorbing, and remarkable, Legendborn is hands down one of my new favorite books of all time. Also, if you want to fangirl with me, I have a highlight in my profile of my “reading vlog” with all my reactions.

    10. Whitney from @whitterbooksie:

    @whitterbooksie / Via Instagram: @whitterbooksie,

    About me: Hi, my name is Whitney! I’m a 21-year-old avid reader from Buckinghamshire, UK, and I’m obsessed with collecting and reading books — yes, those are two completely different hobbies! I joined bookstagram about four months ago, and I couldn’t be more excited to finally have a place to rave about books with like-minded bookworms! I'm obsessed with all things fantasy and love a good romance book!

    What followers can expect: Other than reading, one of my favorite hobbies is photography, so readers can definitely expect lots of pretty pictures of books! I’ve also started posting book reviews, and of course I can’t resist taking part in the odd bookstagram challenge!

    A recent book I enjoyed: One of my most recent 5-star reads was definitely The Prison Healer by Lynette Noni! I just fell in love with this book and the amazing characters from page 1! Every second of this book had me craving more, and there was no shortage of plot twists — right up to the final page!

    11. Tre from @treofpaperbacks:


    About me: Who is Tre (“she”/“they”)? I’m a queer Atlanta resident and hardcore Jem Carstairs stan who spends most of my time making funny TikTok videos. I’m passionate about the LGBTQ community and BIPOC authors getting their flowers. When I’m not TikToking, you can usually find me scrolling bookstagram for books to buy that take me forever to actually read, stanning K-pop groups such as BTS, and crying over K-dramas.

    What followers can expect: I don’t consider myself a book reviewer, but I do talk about a lot of books that are meaningful to me (and even do giveaways of some of my faves!). Followers can expect pretty-bookish posts containing a truly diverse number of YA books and highlighting books I think deserve more hype, as well as Reels of me poking fun at some of my favorite book characters. As a social work student, I make posts and stories amplifying voices of marginalized communities and calls to action to offer support. Expect to be challenged, heard, and represented. I also host fun giveaways and play Instagram games in my stories for prizes that my followers can win! I love giving back to this book community for their support of my platform.

    A recent book I enjoyed: I read this book about eight months ago, but Legendborn by Tracy Deonn! I feel like the book community (and Deonn — sorry, Tracy!) is used to me screaming about this book by now, but I cannot stop. This book dove into institutional racism, generational grief, and the feeling of just being a Black girl trying to be a Black girl in a predominantly white occupied space. Down to the way Bree takes care of your coils, I felt myself so reflected in these pages. I am incredibly moved by this story and am anxiously anticipating the reveal of Legendborn 2. Every person who has tagged me in their purchase of Legendborn has only added to the joy I feel surrounding this book; please keep tagging me! Also, Team Sel!

    12. Yuki from @yuki.reads:

    @yuki.reads / Via,

    About me: I'm Yuki, a 23-year-old book lover from California. Growing up, I was always caught with a book under the table or reading way past my bedtime. I definitely still stay up way too late reading, but now I've managed to use my love for reading to connect with other bookworms. When I'm not reading, I'm working full time at my fundraising communications job at a mental health nonprofit.

    What followers can expect: You can expect recommendations from so many genres! I'm such a mood reader, so I bounce around, but I feature a lot of thrillers, young adult, and romance recommendations. My feed is also characterized by bright, colorful photos. I'm obsessed with the way book covers and spines look, and love getting creative with pairing different books together. Followers can also expect snippets of my obsession with libraries, coffee, and creating Reels.

    A recent book I enjoyed: I recently read the Truly Devious series by Maureen Johnson, and I'm kicking myself for not reading it sooner! It has everything I could possibly want in a young adult story — a boarding school setting, an unsolved mystery, long-lasting and complex friendships, and a touch of romance. I checked out all three library books at the same time, and I'm so glad I did because I binged them one after another. If you're looking to get lost in a story, I definitely recommend the Truly Devious trilogy. The writing style was also incredibly smart and witty, which made all three books hard to put down.

    13. Megan from @booksnblazers:

    @booksnblazers / Via Instagram: @booksnblazers,

    About me: I'm Megan, a queer book nerd living in NYC, working her dream job in publishing, and trying to read as many queer books as possible.

    What followers can expect: A whole lot of gay screaming, basically! Everything from devastating queer memoirs to gays in space having sci-fi adventures, to sapphic YA that will make you squeal — I read it all. I've also got beanie recommendations and queer small business recommendations, two cats who provide endless entertainment, and a chaotic collection of coffee mugs that regularly make appearances. While I used to be focused on sharing my vast collection of blazers (hence the name @booksnblazers), over the last year and a half or so, my style has pivoted to much more casual, comfortable, and cozy, but still very, very queer!

    A recent book I enjoyed: My most recent head-over-heels-in-love books include She's Too Pretty to Burn by Wendy Heard, The Secret Lives of Church Ladies by Deesha Philyaw, She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen, and Satisfaction Guaranteed by Karelia Stetz-Waters. All incredibly queer, unputdownable, and at the very top of my current faves pile!

    14. Annie from @pawsandpagesbyannie:

    @pawsandpagesbyannie / Via, Instagram: @pawsandpagesbyannie

    About me: I’m a Filipino Canadian avid reader. I am multi-genre and a mood reader and tend to have three or four books I’m reading or listening to at the same time!

    What followers can expect: Expect to see my golden labs Mr. Bingley (12) and Mycroft (3), and yes, they were named after literary characters. My posts are not genre specific; I read and post about different types of books. I don’t give star ratings on my bookstagram reviews because my 1-star could be your 5-star.

    A recent book I enjoyed: Summer of Brave by Amy Noelle Parks. Love, love, love! Parks nailed it with this book. The experiences, musings, conversations, and feelings were so relatable and hit all the marks for a coming-of-age story. It felt like she was writing about my 12-year-old self. The narrative was great; I couldn’t put this book down. The way Parks handled the issue of “catcalling” was sensitive and educational. I want to follow this group of friends. I want to know what happens to them. This is a middle grade book, but the messages in here could be for adults. Honestly, this book gave me fluttery feelings. I wish I could go back and give this book to my younger self, to validate. Be brave. Be true.

    15. Elise from @abookandacup:

    Courtesy of Elise / @abookandacup, Instagram: @abookandacup

    About me: I'm Elise, almost 30, and French! I have been living in Canada for almost six years now, and I have been on bookstagram for almost as long! A few years ago, I even opened a small bookish business, the Moon Tales. You'll always find me with a cup of tea in my hand and a book (or two or three) nearby. What do I read? Mostly fantasy (young adult and adult), but also some contemporary here and there, or a romance. Finding diversity in my readings is also super important to me, and it's something I try to share as much as I can on my page, too! If I'm not reading, I'm probably rewatching Supernatural.

    What followers can expect: Outdoors photos! No matter the season (and believe me, that can be hard during the winter here). I try to take all my book photos outside — it's always fun and challenging. And as I said above, I try to share a lot of books from #OwnVoices authors, as I think it is super important to diversify what we read, expand our vision of the world we live in, and hopefully become more aware of the inequities in our society. In the end, all I hope is to make people fall in love with books and enable them to discover new stories and authors. With pretty pics!

    A recent book I enjoyed: I just finished reading Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshani Chokshi, and it was everything I was hoping for! I'm already a fan of Chokshi's, so I had no doubt I would love this one, and I did. It's the kind of middle grade book you can enjoy at any age. We follow a young Aru Shah, who lights a cursed lamp and ends up having to save the world. You can imagine it's not that easy when you are 12 years old, even if you discover you are a demigod! I loved the writing and the humor, but also all the emotions the characters go through, as well as the exploration and modernization of Hindu mythology! And if you can, try the audiobook — it's pretty great too.

    16. Emily from @honestbookgirl: / Via @honestbookgirl,

    About me: My name is Emily from Denver, and I am a twentysomething fundraiser by day, bookworm by night. I have always been a bookworm but have been able to take a deeper plunge with the pandemic and my bookstagram. I have loved meeting new friends through bookstagram and am always ready for even more! Outside of reading, I love traveling and dogs and am always on the hunt for my next glass of wine.

    What followers can expect: I like to consider myself a book generalist — I am not an expert on a single genre, but you will find a lot of diverse books on my page (not just diverse authors, but diverse genres, a blend of new and older publications, etc.). Along with posting about books, I am also very open about my thoughts on world issues. Reading is political, and I strongly believe that as readers, we have a responsibility to amplify marginalized voices, and that is a huge goal for my platform. I like to read diverse books from which I can learn about the world, as well as empathize with perspectives and experiences that are different from my own.

    A recent book I enjoyed: I have read so many amazing books recently that it’s hard to choose. I think one that will stick with me for a long time is The Mountains Sing by Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai. Not only is the author incredible as a human, but she also has such a unique voice, with beautiful and lyrical prose. This year I have made it a goal to read books that are out of my comfort zone but that I am confident will resonate with me; it’s been a high-quality year of reading so far! Other books I’ve loved recently include Grown by Tiffany D. Jackson, Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia, and Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo.

    17. Maryah from @maryahreads:

    @maryahreads / Via Instagram: @maryahreads,

    About me: Hi, everyone; my name is Maryah, and I am a 21-year-old college student! I spend the majority of my time in textbooks but every now and then dive into a good book. You can always find me listening to a musical or sitting in front of the television watching some type of reality show!

    What followers can expect: A reading goal I have for this year is to read more from different genres. I have the habit of reading from genres I am more comfortable with. I have been working on expanding my reading, and I hope my account starts to reflect that. I never thought I would voluntarily read a nonfiction book or even a fantasy, but I am starting to love them! I also post a bunch of random TikToks on my story that I think are funny. My account is a bit of a mess, but I love it!

    A recent book I enjoyed: My reading has been a bit unusual lately, but I have still read some pretty good books! A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas was one of my first 5-star reads this year. This was a highly anticipated read going into the year, and it did not disappoint. I loved seeing Nesta grow into a version of herself that she was more comfortable with. I also loved the fact that we didn’t get a lot of Rhys in this book! I am very vocal about my dislike for Rhys. Lucien is 10 times better than Rhys, and I will die on that hill!

    18. Ellie from @ellieturnsthepage:

    @ellieturnsthepage / Via,

    About me: My name is Ellie, and I’m a 25-year-old bookstagrammer and book blogger based in Cincinnati. As a former English major, I consider myself a Shakespeare fangirl who is falling in love with modern reads a little more every day! Outside of reading, I enjoy cooking up vegetarian recipes, going to dog-friendly breweries, hanging out with my friends and family, and trying to keep my vegetable garden alive.

    What followers can expect: Followers can expect colorful photos — my husky pup, Addie, being a great IG model; honest book reviews; and all the stories that bring me joy! I read a little bit of everything, but mostly fiction and new/recent releases, with a focus on diverse and #OwnVoices stories. I believe reading is a powerful tool for gaining greater empathy for people far and wide with a vast range of experiences. Diversifying your shelf is a great way to do just that — representation in literature matters, which I try to express through my reviews, thoughts, and the stories I feature.

    A recent book I enjoyed: A book I read recently that I absolutely adored was The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang. It was such a perfect romance book, with not only great banter and humor but also major chemistry between the leads and fantastic representation. Since the past year has seen such a rise in hate crimes against the Asian community, it has been great turning toward books that show the Asian experience (particularly that of joy) in beautiful, multifaceted forms. Other books I’ve read recently that have also done this well include Dial A for Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto, My Year Abroad by Chang-Rae Lee, Arsenic and Adobo by Mia P. Manansala, and Made in Korea by Sarah Suk.

    19. Manasa from @dearbookwhisperers:

    @dearbookwhisperers / Via Instagram: @dearbookwhisperers, Instagram: @dearbookwhisperers

    About me: Hi! I'm Manasa, and I am an Indian American, 16-year-old bibliophile with an infinite love and appreciation for books! I started my bookstagram account a year ago, and it has introduced me to this whole world of books, publishers, and opportunities that I never knew existed, which has been quite enthralling. When I'm not reading or procrastinating doing my homework, you can find me telling weird jokes, sleeping, writing posts for my blog, and working on BlogXplore, which is this magazine/community that I created to connect bloggers around the world.

    What followers can expect: Posts featuring BIPOC books and authors, since, as an Indian teenager, I believe that people need to understand the importance of having diverse characters and stories written by BIPOC authors. I interview authors on my account and blog, so followers can catch some author interviews and lists of book recommendations! They can also find me crying over books (mainly Crooked Kingdom and Allegiant), ranting about authors' decisions to kill off characters (which causes more crying), and just many reviews and colorful posts.

    A recent book I enjoyed: I just finished a reread of one of my most favorite books, Hunted by the Sky by Tanaz Bhathena, a few days ago, since its sequel is coming out in a month or so. I absolutely loved the book so much! It has a mix of both Persian and Hindu mythology, and the world-building is beautiful! It is set in medieval India and explores so many important thematic concepts while sharing a beautiful story of friendship, loyalty, finding one's identity, class struggles, and much more.

    20. Jules from @bookish_jules:

    @bookish_jules / Via,

    About me: I'm Julianne, aka Jules Buono (@bookish_jules on Instagram), and the blogger behind the Literary Lifestyle by: Jules Buono. I'm a Philly-based preppy introvert who loves the cozy bookish life. My blog helps 50,000-plus monthly readers who are busy women looking for their next great read by sharing the best of books and related modern lifestyle guides.

    What followers can expect: My theme is "Where books meet lifestyle," so I'm always pairing books with related lifestyles, like TV adaptations, recipes, and travel. I'm most known for sharing celebrity book clubs, bookstagram resources, and Gilmore Girls! I host the Rory Gilmore Book Club on Instagram, where we read from all the 408 books mentioned on the show, and I share tons of fun Gilmore Girls content for all the superfans like myself. I adore books that are character-driven and have lots of family drama, so I share those often too. Lastly, this year my followers helped me work on an amazing project securing 1,500 book donations in one week for the libraries of underserved Philly students. It's been so fun and rewarding to track this project and see the results in action.

    A recent book I enjoyed: One recent book I am always recommending and thinking about is Long Bright River by Liz Moore. It's Philly-based, like me, and is so much more than your traditional police procedural. It's what I like to call "a thriller with a conscience" because it really dives deep into the relationship between two different sisters and the very real opioid epidemic that's hit Philadelphia as it has so many other cities and towns. One sister is a cop, and the other is a missing addict. You will both compulsively turn the pages to find out what happens and walk away with more empathy for those struggling with addiction.

    21. Katie from @bookstakatie: / Via @bookstakatie,

    About me: Hi! I'm Katie. I moved to Colorado five years ago, where, upon starting my new job, I met the man who would become my husband. I'm a marketing coordinator by day and an avid romance reader for all the rest of that fillable time. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder last year, and along with reading, I also like to fill my time with crocheting, cross-stitching, and collecting an endless supply of enamel pins.

    What followers can expect: On my page, you'll find almost exclusively romance novels. I'm always trying to read diversely, so you'll see as many subgenres of romance from a wide variety of authors as I can manage to get my hands on. I love staging photos with my physical books, and the added challenge of photographing my Kindle as well. I like to do quick reviews on my page and save the lengthier discussion for Goodreads or the DMs. However, if something resonates incredibly strongly with me, I want to share that, and say why. I love to share bookish merch on my page too, since most of the places I shop with are small businesses. I am also very down to chat about nonbookish things, including, but not limited to, BTS.

    A recent book I enjoyed: Last month I read Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert, and by the end of it, I was kicking myself for not reading it sooner. It was a beautiful, deeply personal book, and I found myself alternating between crying and laughing. Chloe and Red's love story felt real to me, as if I could reach out and grab onto it. Chloe was such a relatable character, and Hibbert has such a gift for crafting flawed, complex, but lovable characters. She gets you hooked from page 1.

    22. Lea from @lifemeetsliterature:

    @lifemeetsliterature / Via Instagram: @lifemeetsliterature,

    About me: My name is Lea, and I am a 29-year-old lifelong Californian who has been an avid reader ever since I learned to read. I became a book blogger in October 2019! My degree is from the University of the Pacific in sociology and English literature, with a concentration in gender studies, which explains my passion for social justice and love for dystopian fiction (I dare you to find a bigger fan of The Handmaid's Tale than I am!). I am also a social media ambassador for the American Heart Association and am passionate about self-care and heart health!

    What followers can expect: On my account, I love to share what I'm reading and which upcoming releases I'm most excited about, so you can expect reviews and never-ending book recommendations! I lost my mom very suddenly three and a half years ago, so I also discuss some tough stuff like grief and trauma while educating my followers about heart health. Reading continues to help me heal, and I think it's important to share that with the hope that it may help someone else.

    A recent book I enjoyed: I recently read It Had to Be You by Georgia Clark, which just came out, and absolutely loved it! It's an adorable romantic comedy about 10 New Yorkers and how their stories intertwine. I thought I would be confused, with so many characters, but it was so well written, and the characters all felt so real, flawed, yet lovable! It was a quick read that kept me laughing out loud. I've been recommending it to everyone!

    23. Elizabeth from @thefeministreader:

    @thefeministreader / Via Instagram: @thefeministreader,

    About me: I’m Elizabeth, a queer gal and book nerd living in the Bay Area. I’m a social worker, and in my free time I love hiking, baking, organizing my books by color, and wine tasting with my girlfriend. I started this account because I never grew out of summer library reading challenges and writing book reports, and because reading has always been a portal for me into other worlds — to escape to and to learn from.

    What followers can expect: I love talking about books I’m reading, and I tend to write reviews longer than the caption limit. I read mostly contemporary books: literary and historical fiction, young adult, science fiction and fantasy, graphic novels, memoirs, and the occasional thriller or poetry collection. I tend toward books by LGBTQ and BIPOC authors, and I’m always seeking to read more diversely. In my stories, you’ll see a mix of social and political issues I care about, books I’m excited for, gay fan art, and videos of neighborhood cats I attempt to woo.

    A recent book I enjoyed: I just finished The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey, and I loved it! It’s a thriller about a scientist, Evelyn, who discovers that her husband has used her own research to make a more submissive, compliant clone version of her. After a sudden act of violence, Evelyn and Martine (the clone) are thrown together and have to figure out what comes next. It’s a brilliant, layered, and propulsive novel that explores ethical, philosophical, and deeply human issues, with strong feminist themes.

    24. Zuky from @zukythebookbum:

    @zukythebookbum / Via Instagram: @zukythebookbum,

    About me: My name is Zuky, and I'm 24 years old and from the UK! Since I left school, I've been working in digital marketing across a number of different industries. As you can imagine, I spend most of my time with my nose in a book. I do very little else apart from that and walking the dog!

    What followers can expect: I try to highlight a number of different kinds of reads on my account. I read mainly dark fictional books across several genres, but I also like to read nonfiction each month across a broad range of topics, from feminism to true crime to anti-racism. It's my aim to introduce fellow readers to lesser-known books, so you often won't find me reading the most popular books on the shelves at the moment, but hopefully you'll be able to find something lesser known and just as good (if not better)! Despite my dark reading tastes, I like to keep my feed bright and colorful!

    A recent book I enjoyed: A book I really enjoyed recently was American Elsewhere by Robert Jackson Bennett. It was a wonderful blend of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. I've never read anything like this before! It was so exciting, weird, wonderful, and fun. I loved how it mixed in-your-face violence, subtle creepiness, beautiful moments of humanity, humor, mind-bending sci-fi elements, and strong emotions into one insanely brilliant package.⁠ I've also enjoyed We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver and Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice.

    25. Oscar from @booksteahenny:

    @booksteahenny / Via Instagram: @booksteahenny,

    About me: My name is Oscar. I’m a 21-year-old (finally legal) who loves reading, getting lit, drinking $15 wine to feel bougie, and fried chicken. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, but I currently reside in Philadelphia.

    What followers can expect: My followers can expect the juicy book fantasy from my account, meaning that I can serve book reviews and recommendations but still keep it 100 on my stories and feed by being unapologetically me. So expect a lot of lip syncs and dancing to Lady Gaga with a bottle of Hennessy in one hand and a book in the other. Also expect relatable TikTok book content that I try to do once a week. I’m also very vocal about current issues and strive to help others diversify their bookshelves.

    A recent book I enjoyed: Filthy Animals by Brandon Taylor. Following his stunning debut novel, Real Life, this year Taylor blessed us with a short story collection that does not disappoint. Filthy Animals is unlike any collection of stories that I have read. It is unique by providing a work of fiction that weaves together these stories to create one larger narrative that will rock any reader to their core. Taylor’s writing is brilliant, and he precisely examines his characters' head space, which allows his readers to connect to the fiction profoundly.

    26. Rima from @pardonmywritings:

    @pardonmywritings / Via Instagram: @, Instagram: @

    About me: My name is Rima, and I'm a 25-year-old British Bangladeshi living in London. During the day, I work for a software company that helps brands grow on social media, and after work I blog on Instagram. I'm also an aspiring writer in diverse young adult fantasy if I can stop procrastinating (read: scrolling through Instagram). I joined bookstagram back in 2015 (before IG stories existed!) when my university friends peer-pressured me into opening an Instagram account. But I didn't really know what to post on it, so I started sharing reviews of books from my English degree, and that's how I found the amazing #bookstagram community and met some amazing people and read some incredible books.

    What followers can expect: People can expect warm, cozy photos in shades of honey and brown, as I'm obsessed with autumn year-round. I like to think my page is a welcome place for everyone, and I'm a strong advocate for diverse representation in books. Reading is also an act of self-care for me, so I share books that I'm reading and loving. You will learn very quickly that The Daevabad trilogy by Shannon Chakraborty is my favorite new adult fantasy ever! This year, I started a monthly series called #PardonMyBooks, where we come together every month to chat about the books we've read and loved or hated, without the pressure of finishing a goal or TBR. To encourage people to read diversely, I choose a theme every month and share book recs from myself and the community. So far we've covered Regency romance (thank you, Bridgerton), diverse fantasy, women writers, and Islamic books — I think it's going well, except it's a little dangerous for my bank account. When I'm not reading, I also like to cook and binge everything on Netflix, so you may see pictures of food and TV/movie recommendations pop up on my stories, too!

    A recent book I enjoyed: I was blown away by Huma Qureshi's memoir, How We Met, back in March. Not only is the cover a gorgeous mustard yellow backdrop, but it's an incredibly heartfelt story of a British Pakistani woman dealing with grief, the pressures of Asian society on young women, carving a world for herself, and finding love on top of it. Like many, I would assume, I was anxious to read it because there are a LOT of books about the British Muslim experience that tend to pander to the white savior narrative of oppressed (mostly female) Muslims. In the end, I found this was a greater story about being comfortable in your own skin and mapping out a narrative for yourself. ⁣It's a short read, but it packs a punch; by the end of it, I had cried and laughed with Huma, so I encourage everyone to check it out!

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