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    8 Books That Will Give You All The Cozy, Autumn Vibes, And 8 Books For Those Who Love A Moody And Atmospheric Experience

    If you're ready to be wrapped in fall comfort, consider picking up one of these books.

    Cozy autumn books


    by Rainbow Rowell

    Just look at this cover! If you want a story that lives and breathes autumn, then this graphic novel set in Omaha, Nebraska, about two teens working at a seasonal pumpkin patch, is made for you. Deja and Josiah reunite each year when they're staffed together at the local pumpkin patch. But this year is different. They're seniors, and so, this is the last time they'll work together. Then Deja hatches a plan: They'll go out with a bang and have the greatest pumpkin patch adventure of all time. The artwork is gorgeous, and the fall vibes are immaculate.


    by Wendy Xu, Suzanne Walker

    If you want a cozy graphic novel that is packed to the brim with magic and overall witchy-ness, Mooncakes, set in an atmospheric New England town, is worth a read. Nova works in her grandmothers' bookshop, which stocks spell books, and she is used to supernatural occurrences. One evening, she stumbles upon her childhood crush, Tam Lang. Tam is a werewolf, and he needs Nova's help to prevent dark forces that are eager to claim the magic of wolves.

    A Study in Charlotte

    by Brittany Cavallaro

    What is it about mysteries that feels extra cozy in the fall? If you love Sherlock Holmes, then this book about the teen descendants of Sherlock and John Watson is sure to intrigue you. Jamie Watson and Charlotte Holmes end up at the same boarding school in Connecticut, and when a student dies under suspicious circumstances — which are taken from the most terrifying of the Sherlock Holmes stories — they learn that the only ones they can trust are each other.

    Fangirl: The Manga

    by Rainbow Rowell

    Fangirl is set during a teenager's first year of college, beginning in the fall. The book also has such heartwarming, comfy vibes when it comes to doing something you're really passionate about. For Cath, that's fanfic — specifically, writing Simon Snow fanfic. And she's really good at it. But when her twin sister, Wren, would rather put that behind her and start fresh during their first year of college, Cath feels alone. And slightly betrayed. If you've already read the novel version of Fangirl, it's worth reading it in its gorgeous manga format!

    The Raven Boys

    by Maggie Stiefvater

    A brooding, atmospheric, lyrical story about a girl named Blue, her clairvoyant mother, and the Raven Boys — those who attend Aglionby, the local private school. Blue becomes drawn to one of the Raven Boys — Gansey — but she hasn't forgotten what lies in her future: She will cause her true love to die. Blue doesn't believe in true love, yet she finds herself getting caught up in the strange and sinister world of the Raven Boys.

    The Ex Hex

    by Erin Sterling

    You can't get much cozier than a good rom-com! After having her heart broken, Vivienne Jones uses magic to curse her horrible ex-boyfriend. But then a descendant of the town's ancestors — Rhys Penhallow — arrives to recharge the town's ley lines, which should be simple, except one disaster after another finds him. That's when Vivienne realizes her hex wasn't as minimal as she thought. Now Rhys and Vivienne must work to save the town.

    Payback's a Witch

    by Lana Harper

    Emmy Harlow hasn't set foot in her magical town of Thistle Grove in years. Gareth Blackmoore is heir to the most powerful magical family in town. He also may be a bit of a heartbreaker, as Emmy finds out when she arrives back in town for the spell-casting tournament, only to find him pursuing both Talia Avramov and her best friend, Linden Thorn. And now Linden and Emmy seek revenge...

    September Love

    by Lang Leav

    Maybe autumn is your favorite time to snuggle up with a stunning poetry collection. If so, September Love touches on the magic of the season, as well as love, relationships, and self-empowerment.

    Mroody atmospheric books

    The Bone Houses

    by Emily Lloyd-Jones

    Seventeen-year-old Ryn and her family are gravediggers in a town called Colbren, where the dead don't always stay dead. When an apprentice mapmaker steps foot in town, these risen corpses cause even more destruction. In order to get to the root of this curse, Ryn and Ellis must work together, journeying into the heart of the mountains, to get answers.

    Mexican Gothic

    by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

    Confident, glamorous Noemí Taboada journeys to High Place, a house in the Mexican countryside, at the request of her cousin but is alarmed to find her in distress, claiming there is a doom about the place. Her husband doesn't seem too concerned, but when Noemí begins to experience dreams with visions of blood, she knows her cousin wasn't lying, and she begins to uncover the dark knowledge of this family’s past.

    Down Comes the Night

    by Allison Saft

    Dismissed from the Queen's Guard for reckless use of magic, Wren is separated from the girl she loves. To try to redeem herself, she answers the call from a lord, heading to his estate to cure his servant from a mysterious illness. There, she discovers not a sick servant but the Reaper of Vesria, her kingdom's sworn enemy. And with dark and dangerous forces at play, the two must work together if they want to save their respective kingdoms.

    A Lesson in Vengeance

    by Victoria Lee

    If you love atmospheric books in a boarding school setting, look no further than Lee's latest. Felicity returns to the Dalloway School after the tragic death of her girlfriend. Dalloway's occult history, including the mysterious deaths of the Dalloway Five, is known by students who attend. When a new girl, Ellis, asks Felicity's help with further research into the deaths, Felicity obliges. But when history begins repeating itself, Felicity finds she'll have to confront the darkness within her school — and herself.

    That Dark Infinity

    by Kate Pentecost

    Within the kingdom of Kaer-Ise, a young handmaiden named Flora is assaulted and left for dead. But she's determined to reunite with the princess who has her heart. She makes a deal with the Ankou — a legendary, permanently young mercenary whose dark magic leaves him no more than bones when the run rises. He vows to train Flora in combat if she agrees to aid in breaking his curse.

    The Night Circus

    by Erin Morgenstern

    The mystical, magical Le Cirque des Rêves is a unique circus open only at night. Beneath the glimmering shroud of wonder lie Celia and Marco, who have been trained all their lives for a duel in which only one can be left standing. But when the two fall in love, it sparks a domino effect of dangerous consequences.

    Stalking Jack the Ripper

    by Kerri Maniscalco

    In Victorian London, 17-year-old Audrey was born into wealth as a lord's daughter, but she leads a secret life — one where she practices forensic medicine in her uncle's lab. But when her work leads her to uncover a bigger serial murder mystery, she must work with a maddening, sarcastic boy named Thomas to find the source of these killings.

    Ace of Spades

    by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

    This dark academia mystery-thriller will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time you're reading! Niveus Private Academy students Devon and Chiamaka harbor dark secrets — secrets that an anonymous texter called Aces threatens to expose. But who has it out for them? And why?