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    17 Of The Most Immaculate Cold Opens Ever To Grace Television

    Best of the best.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite cold open to happen on television. Here are 17 of the best ones:

    1. Leslie's very Leslie-like interruption in Parks and Rec:

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    "In Parks and Rec when Ron tries to give Leslie some departmental news, and she bursts out with an entire verse from 'Parents Just Don’t Understand.' When she finally finishes, Ron goes, 'Someone is on fire in Ramsett Park.' LMFAO."


    2. In Community when Dean Pelton dresses like a granola bar:

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    "In Community when Dean Pelton is dressed like a granola bar and starts rapping and has a breakdown. Iconic."


    3. The opening of Buffy in the pilot where we all thought, Didn't see that coming.

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    "The very first episode of Buffy, when Darla turns out to be the vampire (not the innocent blonde victim that's assumed) and bites the boy. Insane no matter how many times I watch it."


    4. In Frasier when Niles lights his pants on fire:

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    "The all-time favorite for me is in Frasier when Niles lights his pants on fire with the iron. It's hysterical. I just die of laughter every time. A lot of people tend to forget about shows like Frasier."


    5. Arya being a complete badass in the opening of Game of Thrones, Season 7:

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    "Arya finishing off the Freys in the Season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones."


    6. Brooklyn 99's Season 5, Episode 20, where Captain Holt wears a red hat:

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    "Simple and hilarious."


    7. The Office's parkour cold open:

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    "I still cry laughing every single time I watch it."


    8. Fleabag's Season 2 opening in the bathroom:

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    "Season 2, Episode 1 of Fleabag where you have the contrast of her looking very chic in an obviously swanky restroom, but mopping blood off her face. Then the reveal of the stranger bleeding on the floor before she smiles at you and says, 'This is a love story.' Never before have I been so delightedly confused by an opening."


    9. Euphoria Season 1's cold open is just masterful:

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    "Euphoria Season 1, Episode 1. Not only is it a class on how to introduce a show and its main character, but the lighting, the flashbacks, the setting’s a perfect cold open for what’s to come."


    10. New Girl's cold open, when the gang breathes in helium but then turns to comfort Nick:

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    "In New Girl when Nick’s dad dies but all the roommates sucked helium from balloons, so they comfort him with their voices pitched."


    11. Brooklyn 99's cold open with Holt and the marshmallows:

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    "It has to be in Brooklyn 99 when they all try to guess how Holt will react to the marshmallows!"


    12. The iconic fire drill cold open in The Office:

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    "The Office 'Stress Relief.' Enough said."


    "The fire drill open in The Office, by far. If this is not your answer, you’re wrong."


    13. The opening of Parks and Rec, when Ron discovers internet cookies:

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    "When April shows Ron how internet cookies gather information about people, and he proceeds to throw his whole computer in the dumpster. 😂"


    14. In Brooklyn 99 when Charles misinterprets the conversation:

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    "When they’re talking about the oldest people they’ve arrested, and Charles thinks they’re talking about the oldest person they’ve had sex with!"


    15. The cold open of Lost Season 2, Episode 1 — how you don't find out the meaning of it all until later:

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    "'Man of Science, Man of Faith' from Lost is what IMMEDIATELY came to mind. I was showing Lost to a friend, and after the Season 1 finale, I immediately had her watch the intro scene of Season 2."


    16. Kevin's chili cold open in The Office:

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    "Let’s not forget The Office when Kevin brings in his homemade chili and immediately spills it. His calm voice while he struggles to put it back in the pot = too good."


    17. Brooklyn 99's "I Want It That Way" cold open:

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    "When Jake was conducting the lineup, and the witness said she would know the singing voice of the guy who killed her brother because he sang 'I Want It That Way.' Jake had the group sing it solo and then as a quintet. He even joined in on the vocal action! And then, in a serious tone: 'Number 5! Number 5 is the one who killed my brother!' To which Jake replied, 'Oh, I forgot we were doing that!' Never gets old."

    Ginny Kang

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    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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