16 Differences Between The "Along For The Ride" Netflix Movie And Book

    Based on Sarah Dessen's book by the same name, here are some of the major differences you'll find in the movie!

    Along for the Ride (2009) is a young adult contemporary novel by Sarah Dessen about one girl's transformation over summer. As someone who grew up reading Sarah Dessen books throughout high school and college, I was thrilled to see another one of her novels adapted into a movie!

    Directed by Sofia Alvarez (To All The Boys I've Loved Before), the film captures all the incredible summer magic and romance in the small beach town of Colby. It stars newcomers Emma Pasarow as Auden and Belmont Cameli as Eli, as well as Andie MacDowell, Kate Bosworth, and Dermot Mulroney.

    I am thrilled to report that this adaptation is highly enjoyable. The music, the vibes! It hits in all the best ways. And because it's fresh on my brain, here are some major book-to-movie differences I noticed while watching.

    This goes without saying, but just in case: SPOILERS AHEAD. 

    1. The bell tower tradition that marks the end of senior year isn't how the book opens.

    2. In the book, Auden offers her help to Heidi after she spends a few weeks in Colby.

    Auden saying, "I'm gonna work in my stepmom's store"

    3. Auden has a brother named Hollis — a free-spirited, go-with-the-flow type who is the opposite of Auden.

    a picture frame showing off a family portrait

    4. Jake and Auden hook up.

    5. The Adam-and-Maggie storyline wasn't really included in the movie, either.

    6. Eli is more stoic, lonely, and hard to read in the novel.

    close up of a Eli in a garage

    7. Auden is judgmental.

    Auden looks annoyed as someone says, "Like how you were standoffish at first."

    8. The naming of Thisbe/Caroline.

    a character in the nursery rocking her baby

    9. The lock-and-key necklace.

    a character saying "and the lock and key necklaces have been restocked three times"

    10. Eli's mother, Karen, comes to the rescue.

    Heidi trying to feed her baby a bottle on the couch

    11. Auden's mom is flighty in her relationships.

    a woman sitting in a booth in mid conversation

    12. Auden goes to Eli's apartment.

    Eli looking at Auden

    13. That sweet summer kiss in the ocean didn't happen in the book.

    Eli and Auden in the ocean

    14. Auden never attends Eli's bike competition.

    15. Jason (Auden's ex prom date) has more storyline in the book.

    Auden and Eli riding bikes in their prom attire

    16. In the end, Auden and Eli meet at a diner called Ray's.

    Auden on her bed talking to her friend maggie

    Which book-to-movie difference did you love the most? Let us know in the comments!