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Sep 17, 2015

25 Things You Will Only Understand If You Went To College In Texas

Texas forever.

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1. Game days were literally larger than life.

2. You proudly threw up your school's designated hand sign at every opportune moment.

3. And wearing cowboy boots to games was a MUST.

4. You never missed out tailgating because it was an event in and of itself.

5. And Whataburger was always there for you after all those college parties.

6. If you went to school anywhere other than Texas, traditions might not make sense...

7. ...but in Texas traditions are everything.

8. And having a ring was definitely a thing.

9. Even if you weren't originally from Texas, you were soon saying y'all like the rest of us.

10. Your loyalty to your school spreads across generations.

11. There was always a good excuse to buy school swag.

12. You eagerly learned every word to your fight song — and replaced certain words with obscenities toward your rival team.

13. Weekends were spent at your school's designated drinking district.

14. Getting revved up for game night was THE BEST.

15. You marveled at your clock tower when it lit up after you won a game.

16. Snow days meant NO CLASSES, even if it was only a quarter of an inch.

17. And starting school in August meant suffering through the dreaded humidity on your walk to class.

18. If you weren't in Greek life, then you definitely knew someone who was.

19. Your unofficial school mascot was the stuff of legends.

20. You remember drinking this fine liquor at parties.

21. And your school-themed swag was definitely more *unique* than most.

22. Your dining hall offered slightly different options than other schools.

23. And you quickly realized everything's bigger in Texas — including parking hassles.

24. Your spring break plans included partyin' it up in Port A or South Padre Island.

25. You *always* made a pit stop at Buc-ee's on your drive home.

And no matter where you go, you know the best years of your life were spent in the GREATEST state of them all.

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